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Planets activating the Mars/Jupiter midpoint (♂ ♃)

Planets activating the Mars/Jupiter midpoint (♂ ♃)

Planets activating the Mars/Jupiter midpoint (♂ ♃) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Enthusiastic action, which often imbues what one does with the possibility of success. To be confident in one’s ability to effectively assert oneself – which could be because one really does have competence in what one is trying to do, or which could result in failure due to over-estimation of one’s energy and abilities, or mis-estimation of circumstances. To over-do something. To go too far. To engage in destructive excess. A fine ability for negotiating.

Process: To actively and assertively reach out to others in generous and exuberant fashion. To continue to enlarge one’s viewpoint and understanding as a means of learning from conflicts and overcoming one’s own destructive impulses.

Sun: One has great enthusiasm in pursuing one’s goals, and confidence that one can reach them. An overcompensating ego that does too much, or goes too far.

Moon: Emotions are expressed in a warm, generous way. One is always able to reach out to others. One’s ability to act with confidence depends on one’s moods. To go too far or do to much in nurturing other people.

Mercury: One says too much when one speaks. The ability to successfully argue with people, often in a way that causes both people to learn and to feel good about the exchange. Too many conficting ideas in one’s mind. One who is assertive about getting the information one needs.

Venus: Love expressed through doing things for others, and maybe doing too much or going too far. A love of doing many things. People are attracted to you because you are passionately positive. The joy of having a good time. In a careless way to go ahead and do things without considering the ramifications of one’s actions.

Saturn: One want’s to act but is held back by insecurities or fears. To do too much or go too far because of one’s fears and/or feelings of inadequacy. The slow development of confidence in one’s ability to act.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to experience the most exalted and spiritual aspect of the beauty of everything around them. You also have the ability to help them appreciate the foundation of their life, that is, all that creates security for them, as well as to recognize and be at peace with whatever their heart’s desire is.

Uranus: Doing too much or going to far creates upset and causes unexpected results. To be uninhibited in asserting oneself. Others may be intimidated by what they see as your excessive aggressiveness.

Neptune: An enthusiastic assertiveness when it comes to one’s ideals. When one goes too far or does too much it can create chaos and confusion. A willingness to go a long way to fulfill one’s obligations to others as well as what one feels to be one’s spiritual obligations.

Pluto: Difficulty in stopping oneself when one is going too far or doing too much. The compulsion to engage in destructive excess. Through one’s ability to keep working and to maintain a positive attitude as to the outcome of one’s actions one can experience breakthroughs and transformations leading to a higher state of consciousness.

Node: One may possibility need to overcome patterns of destructive excess in this lifetime. The ability to bring new life and motivation to groups and individuals. The need to connect with others who will allow and support one in asserting oneself and working for the mutual good.

Ascendant: One come’s across as an energetic and enthusiastic person. One’s needs to be careful not to overwhelm others, or to go too far in trying to relate to them.

Midheaven: One is capable of playing the role of an authority figure who encourages others to act, but negatively may come across as excessively dominating if one’s fears and insecurities have not been released.

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