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Planets activating the Mercury/Pluto midpoint (☿ ♇)

Planets activating the Mercury/Pluto midpoint (☿ ♇)

Planets activating the Mercury/Pluto midpoint (☿ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Mental obsessiveness. The tendency to be extremely opinionated. The need to transform the mind by clearing negative thinking. The ability to communicate in a powerful manner. Communication that is so intense it destroys itself, causing miscommunication or no communication. One tends to hold extreme ideas which could be transformative in a positive way, or destructive.

Process: The evolution of one’s mental powers through the breaking down of limiting ideas and ways of looking at things so that new ideas and perspectives may form that are increasingly closer to the true nature of reality. The waging of war between the desire to communicate with oneself and the fear of doing so, and the externalizing of this into outer communication.

Sun: One who communicates powerfully and in an organized manner that holds fast to what is important. Egotism expressed through the communication of extreme ideas or opinions.

Moon: Insecurities manifesting as mental obsessiveness. Intensity of communication stemming from one’s imbuing one’s words with tremendous feeling. An emotional need to communicate deeply.

Venus: One appreciates extreme ideas. Intense communications with the loved one. Intense verbal expressions of love.

Mars: The ability to always be clever and resourceful when any challenge comes up, or when something arises that threatens to obstruct or inhibit what one is trying to do.

Jupiter: enthusiasm for convincing other people. A teacher who can be highly compelling when presenting ideas. Success through impressing other people with one’s ideas, though if the person lacks a moral sense this might imply one who has a great ability to dupe others.

Saturn: A need to be sensitive to the ideas of others rather than solely focused on one’s own. Negative reactions encountered when one tries to impress one’s ideas on others.

Chiron: To help others to overcome ideas and thinking that are oppressing them, and to transform their thinking. To build new channels and ways of thinking and communication. To foster a deep connectedness.

Uranus: A genius for expressing ideas with intensity, and for influencing others. Intense communications with other people that happen suddenly and/or are unpredictable.

Neptune: To be extremely receptive to the ideas of others. To be mentally obsessive about one’s ideals. Nagging and relentless thoughts sap one’s energy.

Node: A need to guide one’s intense thoughts toward supporting one’s evolution rather than allowing obsessive thinking to hold one in old, stagnant patterns.

Ascendant: A person who projects a lot of power, often in a low-key manner. The attempt to dominate others with one’s ideas frustrates and weakens relationships rather than supporting them. The need to allow intense communication to grow both oneself and others when connecting.

Midheaven: Creating deeper and truer communication should be a major part of one’s life’s work. Mental battles with employers. A need to allow one’s mind to be mentally receptive to spiritual energy rather than shutting it out due to rigidly and relentlessly held attitudes and ideas.

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