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Planets activating the Mercury/Node midpoint (☿ ☊)

Planets activating the Mercury/Node midpoint (☿ ☊)

Planets activating the Mercury/Node midpoint (☿ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: A love of sharing ideas with others. Truly caring about with other people think. Others’ ideas help one to refine one’s own, and to be more clear about what one thinks. The search for ideas that will help one evolve.

Process: The pull between thinking which accommodates a static and seemingly safe connection to the past, and thinking which allows for change and supports one’s evolution.

Sun: One feels it is important to share ideas with people. The goal and purpose of one’s life is actualized through sharing one’s ideas with people who will benefit from them.

Moon: To have strong feelings about the conflict between new and old ideas. A need for intimacy expressed through communicating with others.

Venus: Seeking out people who will appreciate one’s ideas. The artist who is searching for a community of fellow artists. To seek a lover who will introduce one to new ideas, and who will push one to develop greater communication skills. To appreciate art that connects lots of ideas together.

Mars: Sharing ideas with others impels one to take action. A desire to work with other people and to get their feedback about what one is doing.

Jupiter: Sharing ideas with others leads to success, in that one gives and gets lots of good support. Too much sharing of ideas with other people, possibly because one does it instead of taking action. Also, the tendency to share lots of random ideas with others that may lead nowhere, and so a need to select out valuable ideas that are exchanged with others rather than allowing them to get lost in a sea of information.

Saturn: Shyness in sharing ideas with others. Feeling limited or inadequate when one attempts to share thoughts. Sharing ideas of a depressing, sorrowful or otherwise negative nature.

Chiron: One helps others to perceive the ideas they need to move away from the the one’s they need to move toward. One helps others to find a new way of looking at things. Sharing one’s ideas with groups and/or individuals can have a profoundly healing effect.

Uranus: Originality when it comes to connecting ideas together. The need to share ideas with others in a context where one can be one’s own unique self and be free.

Neptune: To perceive subtle connections between ideas. To feel a spiritual obligation to share one’s ideas with others.

Pluto: One is strongly impacted by sharing ideas with others, and such experiences can be transforming in the extreme. One may put ideas together in a way that hold one back, and and hence need to “rewire” them in a way that supports one’s personal evolution.

Ascendant: One’s identity is strongly affected by sharing ideas with others, so one needs to avoid such contexts that negatively reinforce one’s self image, and seek out contexts where one gets healthy and nurturing feedback for ones ideas, as well as support for communicating.

Midheaven: One has the ability to see the spiritual implications of all ideas, and to put them together in such a way that their spiritual basis is revealled and enhanced.

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