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Planets activating the Mercury/Neptune midpoint (☿ ♆)

Planets activating the Mercury/Neptune midpoint (☿ ♆)

Planets activating the Mercury/Neptune midpoint (☿ ♆) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The imagination. The ability to communicate in a subtle way and to imply much with one’s words. Confused thinking, and the possibility of being misunderstood, either because one is vague, or because others lack the sensitivity to pick up on what one is saying. Clairvoyance. Messages from beyond. Channeling.

Process: To dissolve the boundaries that limit communication. To develop a finer and finer sensitivity to picking up messages from the spiritual realms and from one’s own intuition. The ability to see beyond any and all vehicles of communication into the deepest essence of what is really being communicated.

Sun: To have imaginative and visionary ideas pertaining to one’s goals. One’s physical self and health are affected by one’s mental sensitivity. To maintain vitality you need to focus on uplifting thoughts and stay away from situations and people that are mentally draining. One is potentially a master of imaginative commmunication.

Moon: A receptiveness to subtle communcations. The emotional need to fantasize, and ideally to share one’s fantasies with others. A person highly impressionable to idealistic ideas.

Venus: Beautiful and/or romantic imaginings. Laziness manifesting as a tendency to fantasize or to have ungrounded thoughts that either cannot or one will not realize in physical reality. A love of subtle communications.

Mars: Taking action to realize one’s vision. Actions that are ineffective due to wavering, lack of focus, or confusion. To act with subtlety, and/or the ability act gently or quietly, with a lightness of touch.

Jupiter: One who has an abundant and varied imagination. A great enthusiasm for idealistic concepts. Success through being guided by spiritual forces and spirit guides.

Saturn: A dark, dreary or pessimistic imagination. Being frustrated by confused communications. A fear of falling prey to demonic or other negative forces that might drain one’s energy.

Chiron: To help others to become more expansive and open in their thinking, and especially more open to the wisdom and knowledge that is everywhere around them and always ready to be accessed. To help others to overcome their mental confusion by transmuting it into clear intuition.

Uranus: One’s imagination is highly unusual and experimental. A unique ability to see the subtlety of ideas.

Pluto: One is relentlessly pursued by thoughts coming from the spiritual realms, and which need to be listened to and heeded – or if they are not, stress will be the result. A tremendous ability to read between the lines when one hears what others have to say. An exceptionally psychic person.

Node: The need to share ideals in a group setting. Overcoming negative psychic links with others and developing positive ones.

Ascendant: A tendency to psychically take on the energy of other people. One may need to overcome imaginings concerning the self, and idealizations concerning one’s identity. The ability to relate to others in a subtle manner.

Midheaven: The urge to share uplifting ideas with the world. Enhancing and developing one’s positive psychic connection with others is one’s life’s work.

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