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Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint (♂ ♅)

Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint (♂ ♅)

Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint (♂ ♅) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Sudden and unexpected actions. To find one’s own independent and unique way of doing things. To be assertively rebellious. Accidents, which are a manifestation of pent-up energy that need to be released. To be impulsive in one’s actions, and/or to act erratically. Inspired action.

Process: Active experimentation. The breaking out of old forms and patterns and the creating of new one’s that offer more freedom and which more clearly reflect the true self.

Sun: One need to pursue one’s goals in one’s own independent way. It is important to one to be able to experiment in life.

Moon: Feelings that arise suddenly, and which impel one to take action. The need to freely and openly let feelings out. If one allows oneself to act on one’s instincts it can let forth a flood of creativity. Insecurity about finding one’s own way to do things.

Mercury: One’s communicating can be excitingly refreshing, and imbued with an unusual passion. To surprise others with one’s unique and lively way of saying things. Sudden overstimulation agitates the nervous system.

Venus: One’s love expressed in an assertively uninhibited fashion, which can possibly intimidate the loved one. One love’s doing unusual things, or common things in unusual ways. A love of experimentation. One is assertively independent about one’s values.

Jupiter: Sudden periods of expansion or growth. To be excessively uninhibited in one’s actions, which might cause one to go too far. To have the confidence to do things in one’s own way.

Saturn: To wish to be uninhibited in one’s actions, but to be shy about it or afraid of doing so. To act in an independent or uninhibited fashion, but to do so with caution and circumspection.

Chiron: Your vibration encourages others to find they own way of doing things, and to assert themselves more individually and indpendently. You intuitively induce them to act on inspiration, and through doing so often surprise themselves.

Neptune: Sudden actions that are confusion or misconstrued. If one is clearly in tune with one’s intuition, one may engage in sudden, inspired actions that even display genius or brilliance.

Pluto: A driving need to be independent and open in one’s actions. The relentless urge to do things in one’s own way, and to experiment with how one does things. To assertively affirm one’s independence can induce big transformations in one’s life.

Node: To seek out people that one can dynamically interact with in a free, open, and/or experimental way. To make connections with people or groups suddenly. One is learning in this lifetime how to be truly free in one’s actions, and how to base one’s actions on what one feels inside, rather than trying to do things the way other people do them.

Ascendant: A person full of surprises. One comes across as unpredictable, and others may find this exciting and/or threatening.

Midheaven: To rebel against authority figures. To act freely and openly based on the dictates of the higher self. One needs an employer who will allow one to act out of one’s own creative and/or independent urges, and so dislikes an employer who is overly controlling. One derives much security from being able to do one’s own thing.

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