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Planets activating the Mars/Neptune midpoint (♂ ♆)

Planets activating the Mars/Neptune midpoint (♂ ♆)

Planets activating the Mars/Neptune midpoint (♂ ♆) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To act out of a sense of spiritual obligation. Taking the initiative to help others. The refinement of one’s ability to act. The ability to assert oneself in subtle ways. Psychic warfare. Engaging in magic practices. To psychically tune in to conflicts. Actions that are confused or impractical. To refine and uplift sexual energy. The excitement of the imagination, and its use in both constructive and destructive ways.

Process: To become increasingly aware of what you’re doing, so that you’re less and less confused and more and more clearly intuitive when you assert yourself.

Sun: Psychic drains sap one’s vitality. One feels it is important to help other people. The ability to intuit the best and/or right thing to do. A weak constitution that can be greatly improved by subtle methodologies, such as energy healing, homeopathy, etc., as well as eating lightly and eating foods of high vibration such as fruits and vegetables.

Moon: Insecurities leading to confused or ineffective actions. To be vulnerable to psychic attack. Negative moods manifest as agitating confusion.

Mercury: To be capable of a subtle pointedness or intensity when communicating. Psychic disturbances and attacks agitate the nervous system. To be clever and resourceful in figuring out ways to help people.

Venus: To sense psychic conflict going on in one’s relationships. To be passionately idealistic about love. To love art that portrays the subtle interactions of energies. To show love in subtle, delicate ways. Confused or impractical actions come about due to laziness.

Jupiter: An eagerness and enthusiasm to engage in passionate idealism. The ability to understand subtle conflicts that are going on. To have good luck with knowing intuitively what to do.

Saturn: To feel unable or afraid of acting on one’s intuition. To be afraid of psychic warfare and attacks happening on subtle and energetic planes. Confused or chaotic action that happens over and over and that one is likely to overcome only slowly.

Chiron: Your vibration naturally helps others to align their desire for action with their own intuition, so that their actions become not only more refined and subtle, but more effective. You also help them to deal assertively with the psychic forces at work around them, so that they can align themselves with the positive ones as well as overcome the draining and confusing effects of the negative ones.

Uranus: To be suddenly inspired to act intuitively. One has a gift for picking up on subtle energies and the conflicts they may be creating, and then finding ways of liberating oneself from them. To be able to help others in unique or unsuspected ways.

Pluto: Confused or chaotic actions that wreak havoc. An extreme impulse to act out of one’s idealism and/or intuition. The driving need to transmute negative or destructive psychic energy into a something positive. Acting out of a sense of spiritual obligation can create profound and far-reaching changes in one’s life.

Node: To seek out people one can psychically dominate, or who psychically dominate you. To want connections with others with whom one can work toward an ideal. One is learning in this lifetime how to refine one’s ability to act, and how to actively and constructively work with psychic energy.

Ascendant: Confused and chaotic conflicts in the personality. One who come’s across as a subtly aggressive or assertive person.

Midheaven: Acting on the dictates of spirit. The need to actively express one’s ideals to the world, or in a public way. To have a body of beliefs that makes it difficult for you to get things done practically, and so a need to work to bring one’s ideals down into physical, practical reality.

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