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Planets activating the Mars/Saturn midpoint (♂ ♄)

Planets activating the Mars/Saturn midpoint (♂ ♄)

Planets activating the Mars/Saturn midpoint (♂ ♄) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To be careful and organized when one acts. The desire to be right and successful in one’s actions, which could potentially inhibit one’s ability to act. Repressing anger leads to much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially drain one. Feeling inadequate about one’s sexual abilities. The desire for certainty and always knowing the outcome of things, which, at worst, can have a debilitating effect on one’s creativity and ability to be open to what the universe has to offer. On the positive side, this combination can manifest great technical skill and the ability to accomplish something based on careful and planned-out agendas.

Process: To assertively make boundaries, and to actively organize experience. To concentrate and focus one’s efforts and to maintain patience and persistence when working through blockages and difficulties.

Sun: Ones long-term goals are reached by focusing one’s energy in a practical and organized fashion. A lack of self-confidence which creates a fear of asserting oneself.

Moon: The emotional need to know what the outcome of one’s actions will be. When you feel insecure you limit your field of action. To be overly sensitive to criticism or negative reactions coming from other people.

Mercury: One communicates in an assertively logical fashion. To speak with a concentrated aggressiveness. The fear of acting creates nervousness.

Venus: To fear arguing with others, and with one’s lover in particular. To hold on to resentments toward one’s partner, or toward anyone with whom one is relating. To be attracted to people who are sincere in their actions.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about planning out things in advance. To over-plan what one is doing. The attempt to think of all the possible problems that could crop up in a situation and to have a back-up system for dealing with each and every one of them.

Chiron: Your vibrations spontaneously help others to see their own pent-up energy, as well as the need to find a positive way of releasing it. You help others to realize where they have repressed themselves, and why. You then instinctively assist them in focusing their energy in a meaningful way, so that it has the greatest life-supporting effect.

Uranus: To be very protective of one’s independence. To be highly sensitive to any criticism received concerning one’s uniqueness. To suddenly become mean or cruel. One may have a genius for organizing how something is to be done, or for finding the most energy-saving way of doing something.

Neptune: Pent up hostility or frustration has a draining influence on one. To be touch and senstive about one’s ideals. The urge to do something practical to actualize one’s ideals.

Pluto: Pent up energy can create drastic pressure within oneself, with a consequent need for it to find release. To discipline one’s energy can create massive transformation.

Node: One is learning in this lifetime how to focus one’s energy without repressing it, and to overcome one’s fears of acting. The tendency to connect with others who either frustrate or inhibit one’s actions or who help one become more focused and organized in what what does.

Ascendant: One comes across to others as a carefully assertive person. One may be touchy and overly self-conscious about one’s identity, as, for instance, how one appears to others.

Midheaven: One is growing in this lifetime toward a stronger, more careful and sincere expression of spiritual truth, and toward keeping one’s efforts in focused alignment with one’s High Self. Slow, focused, gradual and/or careful action taken to fulfill career goals. The tendency to be uncertain of how to proceed in one’s work. The possibility of being frustrated with or by employers and/or authority figures. At worst, one plays the role of an aggressive authoritarian.

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