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Planets activating the Mars/Pluto midpoint (♂ ♇)

Planets activating the Mars/Pluto midpoint (♂ ♇)

Planets activating the Mars/Pluto midpoint (♂ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Intense aggression that may even be overpowering, or obsessive. The ability to get an extreme amount of work accomplished. Doing things that affect the whole world, or at least a great number of people. The desire to work toward a breakthrough. Domination of others, or running over them in an uncaring fashion. Extreme violence or brutality.

Process: The intensification of one’s actions so that one may perceive both their constructive and destructive aspects. The realization of one’s power to effect deep and profound changes.

Sun: One who will work hard and relentlessly toward goals. Hard work has a destructive effect on one’s vitality and health. To be obsessive about one’s agendas may cause a breakthrough, but may also cause an intervention by Spirit as a means of realigning one’s goals in a manner that will better support one’s evolution.

Moon: One’s insecurities are compensated for through hard and/or obsessive work. To express emotions with extreme aggression or passion.

Mercury: To say things that are extremely aggressive, which can sometimes cause a needed breakthrough. Overwork agitates and deteriorates the nervous system. The ability to go to anything lengths to get one’s ideas across.

Venus: Love expressed with an extreme of assertiveness and excitement. The loved one may try to dominate you, or you may try to dominate the loved one. Power struggles in love. To enjoy working hard. To like art that carries an intense passion.

Jupiter: To work extremely hard to grow or to advance oneself. To have tremendously passionate enthusiasm. Success that comes through relentless work.

Saturn: The ability to work hard in a patient, careful and/or controlled manner. One will not give up when trying to overcome difficulties or solve problems.

Chiron: Your vibration can help others to intensify their actions to the point that they experience breakthroughs and transformations. You also induce people to turn their anger into positive, constructive action, as well as to know what it is they need to destroy in their life, and then to destroy it.

Uranus: To work extremely hard at experimenting, or at something which is very unique and original. To be very aggressive about obtaining and maintaining one’s independence.

Neptune: The ability to dominate others in a subtle or hidden way. Hard work saps one’s energy. To be willing to do anything to fulfill one’s ideals.

Node: To work hard with others or with groups. One is learning in this lifetime how to intensify one’s efforts, and how to guide one’s energy more effectively into constructive channels.

Ascendant: The ability to change or perform an makeover on oneself. One comes across as an overbearing or intimidating person.

Midheaven: To be aggressive and challenging toward authority figures. The need to allow Spirit to dictate one’s actions, even if what one needs to do is difficult or dangerous to perform. Advancement in one’s career through exceptionally hard work.

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