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Planets activating the Mars/Node midpoint (♂ ☊)

Planets activating the Mars/Node midpoint (♂ ☊)

Planets activating the Mars/Node midpoint (♂ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To do things with other people and/or with group. Forming connections with people with whom one ends up having conflicts. To evolve in this lifetime a greater effectiveness in doing things, as well as releasing anger and hostility so that one is freer to act. To need to find new ways of doing things and to overcome old, worn-out and ultimately inefficient ways of doing things.

Process: The taking of initiative to bring needed changes into one’s life, and to evolve. The active breaking of ties with the past as well as the active seeking of new experiences and the forming of new connections.

Sun: To know that it is important to work together with other people. To help those with whom one is connected to see the meaning and purpose behind their conflicts. One’s goals are furthered and supported by taking the initative to form contacts with others.

Moon: The emotional need to have constructive interaction with groups or individuals. To feel vulnerable about the reactions one gets when asserting oneself with individuals or groups. To overreact to the conflicts that happen with the people or groups with whom one is connected.

Mercury: To desire one’s ideas and communicating to have a positive effect on groups and individuals. What one says can cause conflict , but this can be a good thing. One is developing in this lifetime the ability to say what one thinks.

Venus: The ability to interact with groups in a fashion that is dynamic yet smooth and diplomatic.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm for giving to and getting stimulation from those with whom one is connected. Generosity in putting one’s energy into group projects.

Saturn: To hold back on asserting oneself with groups. One finds it difficult either to be more assertive, or to find different more effective ways of asserting oneself.

Chiron: Your vibration can help other people to reach out and connect with those individuals and groups with whom they need to connect, as well as to find new and more effective ways of asserting themselves. You also help them sometimes to realize that some of their old ways of asserting themselves are no longer effective. You also have the innate power to heal conflict in groups so that they can get more accomplished and be more dynamic.

Uranus: To suddenly come together with others for the purpose of doing something. A unique ability to get things done with other people or with groups.

Neptune: One’s action in groups is misconstrued or misunderstood. To be able to subtly influence groups and those with whom one is connected.

Pluto: The need to overcome or resolve one’s conflicts with other people. A driving urge to have one’s connections with other be positive and productive, but to achieve this one needs to resolve differences and clear the air of hostilities and resentments.

Ascendant: One learns about who one is through interacting with groups. The need to not let one’s personality or self concept stand in the way of accomplishing things with other people and with groups.

Midheaven: One’s highest spiritual attainment is to come together with others for the purpose of constructively working together and resolving problems.

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