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or97 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 7. Deep in a mine statues and bas-reliefs carved from salt.

Having mined so much salt from this place the people, in thanks, had carved these statues as tributes to the gods of salt and earth. We journeyed there with candles and saw a carved map of the moon held by a naked goddess, and her animal-headed minions, and carved forests, and inscriptions in the Moon’s watery language.

And a wind came and blew our candles out, leaving us there to dream in the darkness, which anointed us.

Azoth Oracle

Mythical stories being communicated through dances.

The dancers of Singal perform naked, and on a blank stage. Their dances portray the many stories of Aab, and as they dance the sequences of their movements generates about them robes and landscapes that appear and disappear as the stories change.

Irnad has explained that the dancers of Singal consume a certain elixir before they perform that frees their time bodies, so that they might move through history, and in doing so call forth from the past memories, which the elixir has the power to substantiate. For, says Irnad, all is dance, and all dance is movement, even into and out of the past and future.

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