• Master Astrologer, Poet, Author, Artist, and Teacher



or98 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 8. A man versed in the art of making charms and talismans.

He imagined his talismans as maps which charted the landscapes of desire, miniature worlds whose influence would compel the world around them to move into clearer, higher atmospheres. His geometries became vessels filled with his intent. He chanted into his talismans the names of forces which would bring harmony to the wearer, or the home in which they were hung. Plants, creatures, stones and stars and beings of the lands of twilight gathered round to help him as he worked.

Azoth Oracle

A seer has a vision of the Light’s ever-present and all-seeing eye.

From Ocularis’ “The Way of Gazing”): “The Spiritual light, being everywhere, sees everything, though suffering the illusion of blindness we wander within our lives, knowing not that we perfectly see. This is called the phenomenon of the dark lid, a shadow which lies over the eye, keeping it closed so that it may not see itself.

“Blessings to all those who come to awakening, to the fluttering of that shadowy lid as it opens, for all are coming to see, no matter how long their sleep, or dream of blindness.”


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