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or96 150 150 John Sandbach

Cancer 6. On a dull, overcast day, a pool reflects a clear, blue sky.

People wondered why the pool refused to reflect clouds. It was not, though, a refusal on the pool’s part to see what was above it, but an ability to see beyond the near into the far – to see the sky above the clouds.

And, at night, when stars filled the sky, the pool continued to glow with the sky blue color of daylight, for it could also see beyond time, and change.

Azoth Oracle

A monk swinging a prayer wheel.

The Silmara, which is the most ancient text of Aab, relates to us the histories of the gods.

According to this book, after countless lifetimes certain beings who had become one with their cosmic nature became dwellers of the sky, where they stand invisible, swinging gigantic prayer wheels, whose prayers stream forth as stars. These are the makers of galaxies.

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