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d8-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-8


Degree Angel: CAHETEL (KA-heh-TEL) Defusing negative energy and stress, Divine Blessings, Interacting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: A man journeying far north to the mouth of a river.


You are inherently a truth seeker, always looking for the spiritual energies at work under all life’s experiences. You’re willing to go along with whatever life has to offer, because you sense the force of evolution at work everywhere, as it guides us toward higher consciousness. You need to seek the privacy in which you can journey into your inner space and re-attune to your spiritual power.


Pleiadian Symbol: A flock of winged serpents cavorting in the air.


The uninhibited play of cosmic powers as they joyfully interact with each other.  The ignoring of supposed limits and “reality” in a stunning, free and dynamic dance of elemental forces.  It is the open air of the imagination in which this magical game occurs.


Chandra Symbol: A lizard dressed in blue satin and pointed shoes.


A salamander – a fire elemental – spirit of creativity dressed in the color of Sagittarius, color of the sky’s far spaces. The feet signify understanding, the shoes pointed, meaning the understanding is acute, penetrating. North is the direction of spirit and journeying to the north we encounter this creative spirit and commune with its wisdom. This is the seed degree of Scorpio.


Azoth Symbol: Palms bending and twisting in a hurricane.


Rooted in the truth of one’s being, and holding fast and flexible amidst the roar of outer life and the incessant surging of the mind.  You’re built for the storms you find yourself in and can even use them as a form of exercise.


Seed Degree: Gemini – 8


A healer who uses only smiles to perform all his healings. (Omega Symbol). The simplicity of love guides us to the spiritual source of life.


A cave in deep ocean waters. (Chandra Symbol). Through a profound exploration of our own depths we encounter the spirit of cosmic and eternal fire.


Fulfillment Degree: Scorpio – 1


A man suspended in the air watches everything from a great height. (Omega Symbol). Returning to source we drink the waters of expanded vision.


A tunnel through a mountain. (Chandra Symbol). Pure, clear understanding, sharp and penetrating, pierces through all illusions and obstructions.


Omega Oracle


Water looks to collect – seeks wholeness – the sea, where it may rest for awhile, immersed in itself, before it ascends, becomes clouds, takes up tenancy in pools, mirrors itself in drops, being separate and yet not. The man wonders, when he arrives at the mouth of the river, what will it have to say?

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