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d9-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-9


Degree Angel: HAZIEL (HA-zee-EL) Angelic influences, Divine Mercy and Forgiveness, Interacting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A woman ironing white linen.


You’re intent on seeing the truth, on understanding the light. The only thing that blurs this is the old stuck places inside yourself, and the old emotional yearnings and fears that were never resolved. As you continue to release these everything becomes progressively clearer to you, so that you can more purely be a light to other people. To remove the wrinkles means to remove the shadows so the light is provided with a surface from which it can reflect clearly and purely. This clear surface is the purified consciousness, free of the pain body and released into bliss.


Pleiadian Symbol: A man wandering through a wondrous landscape inside a crystal sphere.


Keeping constantly in tune with the magic and beauty held within the realm of one’s current time/space limits.  The ability to perceive cosmic energies within the confines of the tangible world.


Chandra Symbol: A fat man in a state of reverie smoking a hookah.


The ponderous body sinks into earth, the light smoke drifts toward heaven. The thoughts rise up – a yearning for elevation, for expansion, to escape gravity and the heavy frequencies of earth. This degree is mesmerized by its own imaginative visions and yearns to be at one with the glorious spiritual realities of which they are mere reflections. At its highest it helps others to find inner peace and acceptance of the world as it is, and heals the ill effects of conflict and striving too hard with the medicine of pure, directionless being – a divine laziness – the lilies of the field. It might seem strange that so passive a symbol exists in the sign Aries – but it is when the outer is detached from and allowed by be whatever its going to be, that the far-flung adventures of the inner realms can be embarked upon.


Azoth Symbol: A man slowly grinding the picture off a stone.


A return to purity and emptiness after the process of creation.  The slow steady release of traumas, memories and other impressions that have built up over time and have lingered in one’s consciousness.


Seed Degree: Cancer – 7


Deep in a mine, statues and bas-reliefs carved from salt. (Omega Symbol). Images hidden in the depths are brought forth through clearing the shadows from the screen of consciousness.


The arctic wasteland under the setting sun. (Chandra Symbol). From the land of pure emptiness where only light grows in the white garden, visions arise like smoke to delight the dreamer.


Fulfillment Degree: Sagittarius – 1


A woman who writes so much in her diary she has no time for anything else. (Omega Symbol). The emotional body, cleansed and cleared moves the consciousness progressively more and more inward.


A Woman, manacled in solid gold chains. (Chandra Symbol). The dreamer eventually finds pure meaning, and becomes its prisoner. But the prison is only temporary, and of an exquisite beauty.


Omega Oracle


She drags the heavy iron over the white linen, pushing the shadows out of it. A place must be made for the light, a place where it may fall evenly. Linen to cover bodies, to wrap mummies, to hang on the wall where it may receive pictures, moving or still. The linen bears the imprint of whatever touches it, is prone to infestations of darkness which come to live in its shadows. She the protector of the linen, the disperser of darkness.

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