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d74 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 14. The sound of drumming brings everyone into the present. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: JELIEL (Jay-lee-EL) Recapturing the Sparks, Love and Wisdom)


You’re always aware of what’s going wrong with communication – what’s not getting through, and you can be very persistent in continuing to try to hear others and make yourself understood. Steadily you seek out the blockages to communication and try to understand them, and as you do your connectedness becomes richer, stronger, and progressively more healing to both yourself and others.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross.” The cross signifies the present moment – one of the crosses lines symbolizing the past and the other the future, and where they cross being the NOW. The amethyst signifies clarity of mind. In the Omega symbol the sound of the drumming brings clarity of mind GRADUALLY, whereas in the Chandra Symbol the clarity of mind happens instantaneously. Either way it happens, this symbol can wake others up, and help them to see everything in a fresher, clearer light by merging with the present moment, which is the place of freedom, power, and release.

Pleiadian Symbol: Deep in a cave on the moon a dreamer dreams of prehistoric jungles. Ability to go deeply into the hidden depths of the self and discover richness.

Azoth Symbol: Journeyers trekking through mountain snow. Patiently and persistently overcoming whatever blocks one’s way to progress.

Seed degree: Virgo 9. In a freshly plowed filled, a man searching for arrowheads. (Omega Symbol). Searching avidly for what is outside ourselves we either find it or we don’t, but either way we are eventually led to an awareness of the here and now.

A man mixing cement. (Chandra Symbol). As we continue to engage in the arduous task of putting things together, we eventually come to realize that through our intent and creative visualization we can bring into reality whatever we so desire.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 7. A man cleansing his aura with pink light. (Omega Symbol). To come into the present is to always find a release through the healing and renewing power of love.

A large ruby inscribed with a prayer. (Chandra Symbol). The word “amethyst” means in Greek “not drunk,” that is alert and clear. Manifesting alertness and clarity we find purpose (Ruby=Sun=purpose) that is blessed by our positive intent.


They rode on a wave of rhythm that carried them forward. It excited them, the expectation that it had to come to somewhere, to find a destination that it seemed inevitably compelled toward. The patterns of the rhythm created a wake of memory behind them and a vista of probability ahead. But the wakes and the vistas, where did they meet?

And then one of them who listened instantly realized without warning that the destination had been there all along, had never been left, had always been the silence out of which, and into which, the rhythm streamed — the present’s black hole, infinite at the center of time’s whirling galaxy.

Azoth Oracle

(From Drupad’s “Little Known Secrets of Travel”) “To cross the Teserev Mountains one must enter the shrine of the goddess Alira in the small village of Trakkak in the Teserev foothills, and there, saying the prescribed prayers and lighting candles, remove all one’s clothing and carry it, crossing the mountains naked.

“And though the wind be fierce and the cold bitter as the jaws of death, the traveler shall feel no pain or suffering from it, but only the mildness of a spring day, for the goddess Alira rules the mountains with her gentleness, but tolerates no concealment or defenses against the mountains’ purity.”

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