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d75 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 15. A magician’s tower looms above the surrounding landscape. (Omega Symbol)Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: SITAEL (SIT-ah-EL) Miracle Making, Construction of Universe/Worlds)


You’re always aware of what’s missing in communication, of what is being left out, implied, or avoided due to fear or bias. You are always trying to get a broader, wider perspective on communication, by bringing in just the right notes and energies to it to open it up further and bring in the most needed messages from spirit.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “People gathering salt from the ocean.” Water flows to the lowest level, and salt is a mineral used for grounding. The magician’s tower rises up above the surrounding land. This degree seeks, through looking high, far, and deep, that which is essential, that which connects us all at core, so that our communication may be based on an awareness of what unites us in seeking the common goal of enlightenment. It is then that the exchange of ideas clarifies, becomes harmonious and meaningful and rises above the illusions of separation and conflict.

Pleiadian Symbol: Words from a conversation drift up into the sky and are carried away by winds. The expanding of communication into larger and wider ramifications.

Azoth Symbol: Drummers creating complex overlays of rhythms. The ability to track with multiple layers of energies as they intertwine.

Seed degree: Virgo 21. A geologist studying bands of rock in a cliff. (Omega Symbol). Realizing the accumulated meanings of the past we are able to rise above them and gain an expanded overview of how the spiritual realities create and interact with our physical reality.

Dark river and distant bell. (Chandra Symbol). Continuing to flow through time we sense certain forces to which we are attuned calling to us, and are able, eventually to see and understand those forces in a deeper, clearer way. Or, put another way: At first we may follow our bliss only uncertainly and darkly, but if we continue faithfully to follow it, we connect eventually to universal consciousness by coming into a deep understanding of who we really are.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 7. Poetry which sounds beautiful but makes no logical sense. (Omega symbol). When we allow ourselves to build our own tower of magic from which to view the world, we grow into being able to appreciate the mystery of beauty without requiring any explanations in which to keep it caged.

A table comes to life and runs away. (Chandra Symbol). When we come to realize that our physical life is actually a distillation of our emotional body, we perceive that all matter is alive, and that everything is always surprising when limiting assumptions are let go of.


His tower seemed precariously high, for it wasn’t a common architecture that held it together, but a glue made of clouds. It had no stairs – he simply dreamed his way to the top when he wished to view the surrounding landscape. And instead of doors the portals were hung with special curtains the sylphs had woven for him, curtains which held in the warmth of winter fires, and in summer maintained a cave-like coolness.

A tower to view the forest’s green clouds below. A tower to touch the higher winds that passed.

Azoth Oracle

(From Abarthis’ “Powers of Rhythm”): “The drummers of Idawk perform their magic only at night, and in the presence of fires wherein are burned barks and resins of certain rare trees whose odors enhance the potency of their drums.

Each drummer plays a highly complicated and intricately irregular rhythm, the combined effect of these being that they create minute holes in time’s fabric which are rent further open as the sound progresses. Through these holes voices enter from other worlds which those who have listened closely to the drumming may hear. These voices sing not, but chant words that are of a language known only to the body, which it uses to secretly communicate with the earth.


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