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* Gemini-4


Degree Angel: Mehiel (MAY-hee-EL) Casting Yourself in a Favorable Light, Vivification, invigoration, enlivenment, Manifesting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: From a mountain, people watch a tsunami.


You can often feel what is coming – how the energy is going to move or change, and because of this can put yourself in the place you need to be to either protect yourself from it, or use it to maximum benefit. You have much to say, the question being whether or not people are going to listen. You need to find the right context in which to share your ideas, and not try to relate them to those who aren’t receptive.


Pleiadian Symbol: A magician searching for rare herbs.


The quest for unique and specialized vehicles of healing. Seeking after the exotic and obscure you move beyond the bounds of your everyday territory in a quest for new experiences and powers that were hitherto unknown.


Chandra Symbol: An island just visible off the coast.


In both this and the Omega Symbol there is something to be observed that is distant but not far away that it can’t be observed. In the Omega Symbol the tsunami is dynamic and immanent, whereas in the Chandra Symbol the island is static and ongoing. In the Omega symbol the tsunami is coming to us, in the Chandra Symbol, if we want to see what is on the island we must go to it. In both symbols there is a connecting of two different worlds, or planes of existence – in the tsunami image the connection is intrusive and forced, in the island image it’s an inviting potential. Either way, CHANGE is the point. If it comes at us, we need to take the high road to the mountain so that we will be safe and so we can see the overall meaning and significance of it, if we choose in the Omega Symbol to go to the island, we need to be sensitive to the rightness of the timing of our adventure.


Azoth Symbol: A man who can see through the eyes of a high-flying bird.


Imaginative envisioning of the greater whole of reality.  The scope of your vision is great and you understand how the features of the immediate reality around you fit into a larger pattern.  Your perceptions can soar and freely move around.  The question is, when you come back to earth will people believe you when you tell them what you’ve seen?


Seed Degree: Taurus – 9


Bats streaming out of a cave at dusk. (Omega Symbol). The tremendous forces of nature are within us. When we seek the safety of a spiritual perspective, we may experience their purging and purifying wave without being harmed.


A talkative woman with tape over her mouth. (Chandra Symbol). When we give the ears a rest from the minds constant chatter, things unexpected emerge out of the ocean of being.


Fulfillment Degree: Cancer – 6


On a dull, overcast day, a pool reflects a clear, blue sky. (Omega Symbol). Rising above the minds destructive force we are able to maintain clarity even in the murkiest of situations.


The Medusa’s head with writhing snakes for hair. (Chandra Symbol). Leaving the safety and security of the known, we go to confront those deepest fears which have kept us from a complete embracing of our life energy.


Omega Oracle


(From “The Habits of Mountains,” by Catastria Minsar): “Mountains born of land live to an exceeding old age, outlasting many generations of men, and, as philosophers have noted, mountains find their greatest contentment in stillness. For their lack of movement allows them to better feed on starlight. Mountains build themselves high so that they may reach more closely to those heavenly lights, for a diet of such subtlety and antiquity requires much patience of consumption.


“Those mountains, though, born of water live only for a few hours at most, and follow an urge to move always, for their nature is turbulent, and their diet primarily of moonlight, starlight being scant food to slake their greater hunger. though as they sometimes become so consumed by that on which they feed they forget their way and crash blindly into shores, thereby creating much devastation, an event in which the moon is sometimes wont to take delight.”

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