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* Gemini-3


Degree Angel: Anauel (a-NA-oo-EL) Appreciation, Perception of Unity, Manifesting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: An invisible man wandering in the night.


You have a strong urge to investigate and to roam, and can be fearless and boundless in your searching. Your demeanor is non-threatening to others, and because of this people readily allow you into their world, where you can learn much and potentially offer assistance which they would have accepted in no other way. You can accomplish much in a quiet and unseen manner.


Pleiadian Symbol: In spring old people sitting along garden paths and enjoying the flowers.


You focus on what is fresh, lovely, simple, and innocent. You love to savor the natural beauties of reality with other people.  You reject all that is complicated and difficult, and care nothing for all those promises of future happiness which the world constantly encourages us to chase after.


Chandra Symbol: A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle.


The brambles are a protection, as is the invisibility of the man in the Omega Symbol. This degree is about relating, and in the process of doing so finding ways to get through barriers of fear and misunderstanding so that one can make deeper connections.


Another aspect of this degree is that it may ward off connections with life and/or other people and not be aware it is doing this. Ultimately it is a way of maintaining one’s freedom to be oneself – a kind of filtering device that only allows in what harmonizes with one’s own vibrations. This can be positive in that it protects one’s energy, but, like all systems of protection it can also, in some contexts restrict personal evolution.


Azoth Symbol: A visionary lies in a dark room as she waits for signs and messages.


The shutting out of the outer to allow the emergence of the inner.  Sometimes this can be difficult to do and can require drastic measures, but you tend to let nothing get in your way when you’re attempting to make contact with your inner wisdom.  Notice how this shutting out of outer influences mirrors the brambles that surround the magic castle in the Chandra Symbol for this degree.


Seed Degree: Aries – 27


Over a waterfall gleams a rainbow many thousands of years old. (Omega Symbol). The mist rises, revealing the spectrum of the light. Empowered by it, we let go of all fear and set out to explore the darkness.


A fun house. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing so many delights and surprises as we journey through the fun house, we come eventually to The Serious House – which is actually a more profound version of the fun house. If we can get beyond the brambles of our fears, hesitations and uncertainties, we may enter it to study the Art of Magic.


Fulfillment Degree: Gemini – 6


In the far north an ancient tower carved of ice. (Omega Symbol). Wandering the depths of ourselves we discover at our core a pillar of clarity from which we may view our own vastness.


A claw foot holding a ball. (Chandra Symbol). The secrets of the Magic Castle – they are transparent and slippery, but once grasped we see that their form is whole and complete, and fits perfectly into our hand.


Omega Oracle


Although he was invisible, when he looked down he could see his footprints forming in the grass as he walked. He wore shoes on his nightly outings, which was not a problem, for anything he put on also became invisible for the time that he wore it. Dawn always brought, gradually, the return of visibility, and a fading of all memories of the night before. Which made him not only invisible in the night, but made his night self invisible to his day self as well.

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