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d358 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 28. A shy poet in hiding. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Jabamiah (ya-BA-mee-YAH) Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder, Alchemy, Transformation)


A very sensitive spirit is here, and a great need to be attuned to the self in a supportive way so that what it needs to express may come forth. This degree seeks to avoid the opinions, input and other static of the outside world so that it may be itself with a complete lack of inhibition. It needs to find a space in which what is within may be coaxed to come forth.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A hoard of monkeys chattering.” The mind is multi-leveled and multi-faceted, never at rest, always playing with ideas. This degree is acutely aware of this, and at best knows how to overcome the stress, distractions, and diversions these monkeys can create.

The two symbols here seem diametrically opposed, for the shy poet is singular, and rather than chattering like the monkeys has chosen to retreat from the world. The poet hides so as to hear his own inner voice. The chattering monkeys are the world. Whether this degree chooses to be a part of the world, or to find a place apart from it, the need is to listen to the higher self, which can be heard in silence, or if one has developed the art of focus and non-attachment, even heard in the midst of the world’s chatterings.

Pleiadian Symbol: Statues and fountains at night in a summer garden.

Azoth Symbol: Dawn’s first gleams on a golden dome.

Seed degree: Pisces 6. Crystals deep in the earth aware of the sunshine above. (Omega Symbol). Aware of the spiritual light toward which we are ever growing, we are able to let go of the world and its demands and concentrate on the processes of our creativity and imagination.

An Inca chief wearing many emeralds. (Chandra Symbol). Focusing on the great beauty and value of connecting with others we are able to place our consciousness beyond the confusion of the mind’s chattering.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 30. A crystal made in a laboratory is buried in the ground. (Omega Symbol). The light-filled poems of the poet are placed in the ground to heal the earth, and be discovered by future generations.

Blue morning glories growing up a tall trellis. (Chandra Symbol). The chatterings of the mind are grown beyond as we take on the color of the clear sky and climb beyond the lower frequencies of negative karmic loops.


Arad Yavuz, famed poet, was, during his lifetime never to be found.  He kept his whereabouts and his identity secret, which only served to inflame the curiosity of many, who searched for him, sought him out, but to no avail.

In the preface to his last book of poems he wrote:  “I have never read a criticism of my work, have never spoken to anyone of my poems.  My work is a landscape in which I dwell, alone, and I prefer this secret and solitary communion with it.  To know the responses of other readers would change this connection, would alter it, and I wish not for this to happen.  And so I remain faceless and without biography.”

After his death the novelist Arjad Peyor wrote an imaginary biography of Yavuz, a work of fiaction,  one that wove his poems intricately into a narrative that was compelling, vivid and believable, a biography which provided a compelling explanation of how the poems related to his imagined live.

To this day, centuries later, there are still some who speculate that Peyor was actually a close friend of Yavuz, and that the biography is actually true — though none will ever know for sure.


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