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Pisces 29. A book of healing mantras. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: Haiyael (HA-ee-ya-EL) Prophecy and Parallel Universes, Divine Warrior/Weaponry)


At its highest this degree senses what is needed in every situation. It realizes that where the focus of attention is placed is where energy will be magnified. We become what we focus on. There is a feeling here for the symbols that recur to us, the ideas that flow through us in repetitive fashion – and the ability to use these as keys to greater understanding and a way off the wheel of karma.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes.” To make everything beautiful, everything important – golden and shining – is the power and the art of this degree. The dancers tell many stories through their movements, but in each story they all wear the same gold costumes, just as in life no matter what role we play we may always bring to it a spiritually elevated, cosmic element. In whatever this degree does there can be a sublime grace and elegance. The need here is to realize that gift and through focusing on it, to magnify it as much as possible.

Pleiadian Symbol: The shifting and modulating of light frequencies creating messages in color.

Azoth Symbol: A line in a drawing is reminding a woman of many things.

Seed degree: Pisces 18.A dressmaker fashioning beautiful gowns for a queen. (Omega Symbol). Searching for the clearest vehicle through which to manifest our spiritual self, our focus on universal truth becomes simpler and purer.

White lilies blooming alone in the shade. (Chandra Symbol). From a cool, clear purity evolves beautiful rituals through which cosmic meaning is expressed.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 30.For many years, on an island, people dig deeper and deeper to find a treasure. (Omega Symbol). Continuing over and over to return one’s focus to connecting with spirit, one naturally helps others in the pursuit of the goal of evolution.

A large pool filled with white water lilies in bloom. (Chandra Symbol). To envision the grace and beauty shining forth from everything brings to the world an emotional peace and clarity that one desires to share with others.


“The Golden Word,” a seven volume book of mantras, was compiled by the Alchemist Narshaad Rostan.  He included in it not only traditional mantras, but also mantras which he said were given to him by angels and other spirits to include in his work.  Detailed information is provided as to the various illnesses and problems that each mantra can heal, as well as the number of times each one is to be said., and other rituals to be performed in their saying.

Narshaad also describes in his book how the spirit of a certain nameless alchemist came to him and explained to him the art of combining mantras, so that often groups of mantras were chanted in specific patterns involving, in some examples, as many as 70 or more mantras at a time.  Other mantras were given that were actually in the form of melodies meant to be sung to particular sequences of vowels, and other mantras in which each syllable was to be chanted by a single individual, so that a twenty syllable mantra required twenty people who would stand in a circle and each chant his own syllable in sequence so that the mantra revolved around the circle.  Other mantras were to be chanted so slowly that only one word was said a day, the rest of the day requiring the total silence of the chanter until the next day when the next word was said.  Other mantras were supposed to be chanted forwards then backwards then forwards again and continuing on in this pattern.

Many of the mantras were said only to work when chanted under particular astrological conditions, and other only when it was snowing, or raining, or on cloudless days.

At the time of his death Serapis had not completed his great text, and the spirit of the nameless alchemist is still seeking someone through whom he can impart the rest of his information.

For those who might be interested there is a mantra in volume 6 on page 792 of “The Golden Word” which will summon him.  He waits.

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