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Aquarius 20. Wind carving sand patterns in the desert. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Inspired

(Degree Angel:VASARIAH (va-SAH-ree-Yah) Memories, Softening of Judgement)


Mind is seemingly invisible but is always projecting its patterns onto the reality around it, and placing filters – some heavy, some subtle – on experience. This degree is very aware of the workings of mind in itself and others, and though it may not be able to objectively express what that awareness is, it taps into the patterns it creates, and the very awareness of these patterns heals them – gradually over time, and eventually.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A fine silk thread strung across a chasm.” Even when people are extremely different in their ways of thinking and beliefs, there is always a way to communicate. This degree is a born master of subtle communication. It has the ability to psychically implant thoughts in other people, not for the purpose of having power over them, but for promoting understanding. It often plays the role of arbitrator in conflicts, and has a powerful, though often unrecognized ability to heal misunderstandings.

Pleiadian Symbol: Across darkening waters a bird carries a sealed letter in its beak. The water may be dark and dangerous and may offer no points of reference that might allow us to find our way, but the bird has an intuitive knowing of where it is going, and rises above the heaviness below to deliver its message. The darkening waters are like the chasm of the Chandra Symbol, just as the bird is like the the fine silk thread.

Azoth Symbol: On a small, remote island a man recording his visions. By isolating oneself from the world one is able to clearly access the pictures within and receive their messages.

Seed degree: Scorpio 29.Through a doorway, nothing but empty, blue sky in all directions. (Omega symbol). Openness and a clearing of expectations and biases allows us to then feels more clearly the movements of energies and patterns.

An umbilical cord. (Chandra Symbol). Returning to our deepest sense of connectedness we come to the realization that we are subtly and profoundly connected to everything.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 27. At a country fair, some people are clothed, others nude, all wear flowers. (Omega Symbol). Accepting the winds of change and the endless patterns they bring, we are freed to share with any and all types of people to whatever degree of intimacy we desire.

Three blue robin eggs. (Chandra Symbol). To be able to communicate deeply and profoundly inspires both us and others with hope.


The winds of the Zothar desert appear to have a kind of creative intelligence, for as they blow they create pathways in the sand, curving parallel lines between which wanderers may walk.  These paths twist and fork, sometimes creating blind alleys and dead ends, and corridors which meander for miles through the desert wastes, as they constantly form and reform..

It is said by the wise that a desert is a labyrinth without walls and that the winds of the Zothar, abhoring blankness, use the sands to create their patterns to provide for those who have no idea of which direction to go a path, even though it leads nowhere.

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