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d321 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 21. A numerologist at work on a tropical island. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: YEHUIAH (yay-Hoo-ee-YAH) Revealing the Dark Side, Attuning to a Higher Order)


This degree has a great desire to understand the workings of the universe. At its best it is able to relate universal principles to the flow of life around it, and to see those principles at play in all the processes of nature. At its highest this becomes a deep and dynamic understanding of life that can be shared with others. It needs to beware, though, of isolating itself by focusing too intently on the life of the mind, to the neglect of the connecting with the real and tangible transmutations going on around it in the here and now.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A beautiful woman dressed in white. She is wearing a large silver crescent on her head. The crescent is pointing upward.” This degree is capable of great receptivity to the messages coming in from its higher self. It is often through no longer being able to tolerate the disappointments and disillusions of life that we look beyond the material world around us and seek alignment with a higher, subtler energy. This degree always feels that urge underlying everything, and is always willing to encourage others to also attune to spiritual truth. The phenomenal world is lush and chaotic, like the tropical island of the Omega Symbol, but within it there is always that part of ourselves which strives to tune in to the order, design, and harmony of it all.

Pleiadian Symbol: A great operatic diva is removing her costume and makeup. Even though she can act a role to the utmost she knows, when the drama’s over, that it was all a play, and that she can be free from the role to be just who she is.

Azoth Symbol: Clay forming itself into fantastic shapes. You can become anything you want to be in a substantial way, for clay can become hard when it is fired, but as you are clay and there’s always more of you to be had, your form is not ultimately limited – you can become many things. Likewise there is no limit to the patterns of numbers that the numerologist of the Omega Symbol can discover and work with, for he dwells in the lushness of his own tropical island mind.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 11. A woman perceives her seemingly mundane world as beautiful and mysterious. (Omega Symbol). And perceiving the beauty and mystery, we seek to become one with its harmony.

A string of pearls. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving that all wisdom is ultimately the same, we are impelled to seek its source.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 27. In the night, a man uncovers himself to feel the cool air. (Omega Symbol). The abstractions we discover mentally we ultimately seek to expose ourselves to through direct experience.

Siamese twins talking to each other. (Chandra Symbol). Contact with the divine mother brings the two halves of ourselves into harmony.


Serapis, in the early years of his life, spent several years investigating mathematics on a tropical island.  Each day he would walk through the jungle and record the various numbers of petals on the flowers he saw, the numbers of leaves on trees, or the number of times a certain bird would call, placing all these numbers one after the her as he encountered them.

Returning in the evening he studied the pattern of these numbers and from them learned many secrets of the universe which he revealed in his book, “The Jungle of Order.”

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