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d2-gemini 150 150 John Sandbach

* Gemini-2


Degree Angel: Iah-hel (EE-a-HEL) Parent – Teacher not Preacher, Desire to Know, Manifesting/Sensitive




Omega Symbol: Tiny meteorites the size of dust falling everywhere.


We are always receiving messages from beyond, but most of the time they are not perceived, due to their subtlety. You pick up on these, but may often feel that you aren’t sure of what they mean, or what you should do with them. You need to just keep trying to communicate, even if what you are trying to say often feels inexpressible. What needs to come through eventually will.


Pleiadian Symbol: Trolls seeding a meadow with gold nuggets.


The vital supporting of nature as it is. The finding of the most precious things in the simplest of places. Generous and non-specific giving. The natural and random strewing of one’s gifts.


Chandra Symbol: A collection of large dried leaves, each one bearing an inscription.


At worst the information collected by this degree is fragmented. Each one of these leaves says something significant, but in what order do they go? How do they connect to form a deeper meaning? They are, each one, gems of wisdom, just as the tiny meteorites are each little messages from the cosmos. The challenge of these degree is to synthesize all this wisdom into a whole, rather than allowing its fragmented quality to oppress and fragment the self. At best this degree is full of valuable thoughts and ideas – but the value is ultimately to be found in recognizing their relationship to each other and in finding a meaningful purpose for them to further.


Azoth Symbol: In an alpine valley thousands of wildflowers blooming.


When all the needed conditions are just right then the proliferation of the lifeforms who need those conditions can happen.  You’re good at finding or creating the right environment in which openness, joy and contentment can bloom.  Your mild, gentle and encouraging attitude is mainly what creates this.  And even in the midst of harsh or hostile conditions you have the ability to cause a pocket of good weather to appear and to invite others to enjoy it with you.


Seed Degree: Aries – 15


An hourglass in which the sand has become stuck. (Omega Symbol). Allowing time to stop, we perceive the minute spiritual gems gently falling on us from the sky of eternity.


A man with pointed ears. (Chandra Symbol). Listening intently to the silence, we hear the words of the sacred tree whose leaves, ever falling, ever renewed, are inscribed with all the secrets of the universe.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 6


A man charges water with healing energy. (Omega Symbol). The formulas, the truths, the prayers distilled. And poured into the empty waters ready to receive them.


A pink diamond. (Chandra Symbol). The leaves of truth, fading, dying, always passing away. And beneath the soil their death creates – the diamond of pure, eternal love, sleeping.


Omega Oracle


Great rocks enter the atmosphere and burn up to nearly nothing, are essentialized into grains of dust, like the brief summaries of a long history. These histories are falling gently into your hair as you walk, and when they get close to your ears you think you can vaguely hear old stories being recited in the garden.

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