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d29-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-29


Degree Angel: REIYEL (RAY-ee-YEL) Removing Hatred, Liberation, Transforming/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A woman immersed in healing mud.


You have a need to expose yourself to many different things, and to fully engage with whatever you contact. You have a great ability to simplify life by direct contact with the earth and earthly concerns, while never losing sight of the tremendous complexity of life. You know that getting dirty can be a good thing – a therapeutic thing.


Pleiadian Symbol: In voices too low to be heard a forest of trees are talking to each other.


The need for great patience and receptivity in listening to one’s inner voice. Interactive rapport of many various forms of knowledge and understanding that transcend rational understanding, and the power to sense these.


Chandra Symbol: Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion.


No running away here, rather an embracing of the unknown and a complete willingness to try something just to see what happens. Of course what will happen is that the dark side of the self will emerge and eventually will be redeemed by being revealed, as we learn we are of the earth, but not prisoners of the earth because we are infinitely more than the earth.


Azoth Symbol: Behind a wall a river is flowing.


Beyond all life’s barriers and obstructions you sense the continual movement of energy.  You’re acutely aware of what people shut out, and their fear of change.  You see the need that people have for substantiality, for things to stay the same, but you’re constantly aware that beyond all self-imposed limits flows the forces of transformation.  Your attunement to this evokes a resonance in others that helps them see a way beyond the restrictions they’ve created for themselves.


Seed Degree: Pisces – 7


An open-air library, the books magically impervious to the elements. (Omega Symbol). Allowing nature and the earth to heal us we come into fuller and fuller contact with a timeless wisdom.


A candle burning. There is a ring of salt around it on the floor. (Chandra Symbol). If a strong spiritual focus is maintained and our intent is pure and clear, we are free to explore our shadow self.


Fulfillment Degree: Leo – 3


Walking down the street, a man passes his double. (Omega Symbol). If we are willing to see it, we find that our earthly experience provides us with a clear mirror of who we are.


A rickshaw. (Chandra Symbol). Intent on exploring the darkness within, we go to many different places looking everywhere in an attempt to catch reflections of ourselves.


Omega Oracle


She was fully aware that living was dirty business and like a flower she would have to delve into the thick of it if she was ever going to bloom. All the things that had disintegrated to make the soil spilled over the edges of her imagination, mixing with the rocks that had gnashed their gray teeth against each other to make clay, and the rain that gave it all smoothness and flow. It was a pleasure growing into it and up out of it, caught in the middle, which was exactly where she had planted herself.

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