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d30-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-30


Degree Angel: OMAEL (O-ma-EL) Building Bridges, Fertility, Multiplicity, Defeats frustration, despair and depression, Transforming/Inspired




Omega Symbol: A crown which causes one to levitate.


You realize that there is an attitude that creates burdens, and an attitude of lightness which sees nothing as a weight on the self. You have the ability to access your spiritual self directly and immediately, and to experience a great infusion of energy and elevation from doing so. This automatically is felt and shared by others – to whatever extent they are able to pick up on it.


Pleiadian Symbol: White birds swimming on a pond seem to glow in the twilight.


Spiritual truths can become clearer and clearer when perceptions are allowed to become soft and gentle, and reasoning and logic are let go of. Beautiful realities come forward and call to one when the conscious mind grows still.  You can capture subtle glimpses of the higher realms and have the power to share these with others.


Chandra Symbol: An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys.


One of the most primal fears is the fear of falling (falling here being a reference to the potential for levitation seen in the Omega Symbol of this degree). In Chinese medicine the negative emotion most associated with the kidneys is fear. When we overcome the fear of falling we are crowned king of our physical self for having mastered our fear. The anatomist explores fear in all its many forms, and his exhaustive study eventually exhausts all fear, which, without energy, dies away – as all illusions must and will in the end.


Azoth Symbol: A sage concocts a powerful elixir which heals people suffering from a plague.


You can manifest great creative resourcefulness in getting to the hidden root of problems.  When you can truly tune into the exact nature of any disease or illness (which you have the power to do) you can then acurately know what gave rise to it, and based on this the specific types of energy that will heal it.  You have the potential of knowing just what is needed in any crisis situation and of being able to deeply see into any pathological condition.


Seed Degree: Pisces – 19


A man tilling a field of flax. (Omega Symbol). As we cultivate ways of clearly expressing our spiritual selves, we become able to deeply understand the most life supporting ways of interacting with others.


Palm trees laden with dates. (Chandra Symbol). Through realizing the gifts one carries one comes into an understanding of the essence of the life force. Also, awareness of inner abundance overcomes fear.


Fulfillment Degree: Virgo – 3


A little girl hugs a giant quartz crystal larger than she. (Omega Symbol). Letting ourselves rise above the limitations of the physical realm we are able to innocently embrace the potential of clear rapport with this and other realms.


A woman doing delicate embroidery. (Chandra Symbol). Coming into an understanding of the dynamic interweavings of all relationships, we grow more careful and patient in creating the reality we desire.


Omega Oracle


At night he would put on the crown and float through the forest. It was an excellent way to avoid fallen logs. The crown’s clear yellow gems sparkled faintly green in the bluish moonlight.


And then one night as he was floating through the forest he realized that he’d forgotten to put on the crown. He supposed that finally the secret kingdom had accepted him as ruler, so that he no longer needed official jewelry.@

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