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d28-2 150 150 John Sandbach

* Aries-28


Degree Angel: SEHEIAH (say-HAY-ee-YAH) Soul Mats, Longevity, Releases body and mind from negative emotion, Transforming/Receptive




Omega Symbol: An artist’s studio. Many unfinished paintings everywhere.


To carry on the work of self-unfolding is what is all important. You have no need to finish anything unless it serves this purpose. You are one to take up many things and to move from one thing to another as suits your purpose. This may be practically inconvenient at times, but what you need to to if you are to follow your bliss.


Pleiadian Symbol: An audience waits while the playwright finishes writing his play.


Creativity as a casual and interactive phenomenon that is allowed to shift and change in the moment. Immediate and fresh creation of rapport. The leaving of the ending of anything until the last possible moment. The


Chandra Symbol: A wreath of laurel placed on the head of an old man.


It is OK to complete the mission and gain the prize, and its also OK to leave things half-finished – it all depends on the context. This degree affirms that “I am not the products I make or the actions I perform.” When you can take or leave outer success, you attain to a power and freedom that allows the free flow of experimentation and exploration.


Azoth Symbol: In moonlight the marigolds’ color softens and cools.


The objective and conscious will giving in to the gentle flows of emotional and instinctive impulse.  You’re acutely aware that how things are seen depends upon the filters of the seer, and so you always seek a gentle, compassionate way of viewing the world that helps to reveal beautiful and hidden qualities in whatever you encounter.


Seed Degree: Aquarius – 25


The muscles of a dancer’s legs quivering in his sleep as he remembers dances. (Omega Symbol). Progressively releasing more and more of whatever stress we have stored, we come to realize that creativity is on ongoing, open-ended process.


A moustache. (Chandra Symbol). Taking on a role and playing it in such a way that society can relate to, we achieve acknowledgment from the world at large. (Or, at a deeper level, we validate our own inner wisdom).


Fulfillment Degree: Cancer – 3


In a crowd, a man keeps seeing people he thinks he knows but can’t remember. (Omega Symbol). When we allow our creativity to take whatever form it wants to, we recognize more and more meaning in the outer world.


A set of surgical instruments. (Chandra Symbol). As we realize more and more deeply the power of our own wisdom we are able to find better and better tools with which to express it.


Omega Oracle


All these unfinished paintings show that whatever is being born is in no hurry. These durations in which paintings wait, incomplete, sink into the canvases and become transparent layers of history themselves, like windows that reveal mysterious depths within the other colors. Is anything ever really sure when it’s born? For birth is always continuing to happen. Now the outside petals are completely unfolded, but the inner ones still sleep, and are just now beginning to reach outward. And when they have all awakened, the center will be revealed.


The artist enters and looks around, deciding which canvas to take up. Or maybe he will begin a new one.

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