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d252 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 12. Reaching up, a man writes on the sky. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: MENADEL (Meh-na-DEL) Fear(less), Inner/outer work)


This degree knows that isolation and distance are illusions, that we are only as separate from others, or from ourselves as we think we are. It is our belief in our separateness that creates walls between ourselves and the rest of life/ When this belief is let go of the walls disappear and we find ourselves in communion with the whole world.

This degree has the ability to have a big impact on many people – that is the significance of its writing being in the sky, where so many can see it. The best you can do here is to keep your words positive so that their positive effect will return to you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Icicles melting.” The icicles are frozen water, water signifying the emotions. Here, as they lose themselves they shorten and as they do so they move closer to heaven. The water wanted to fall to the ground, but the freezing temperature stopped it. It is your own loving warmth that helps both yourself and others to let go of stuck feelings, so that gravity may take them to earth to nourish life, and so their sharpness can be melted away and allowed to flow again. At your purest, you bring into the world a sense of Spring, wherever you go. Ego dissolves in the light.

Pleiadian Symbol: A flag made of feathers comes loose and floats away.

Azoth Symbol: Water trickling off a series of high cliffs.

Seed degree: 21 Leo. On top of a mesa a lake of pure deep blue. (Omega Symbol). Emotions are purified by spirit, which creates a desire to share them with the world.

A holly bush covered with berries. It is in the snow. (Chandra Symbol). The strength of our desire for life eventually melts all held emotions so that they may once again flow.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Pisces. All sorts of things trying to distract a man as he engages in a creative endeavor. (Omega symbol). Allowing ourselves to relate to the whole universe creates in us the need for focus.

A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of all the stuck places prepares us for the task of finding our way back into the Garden of Eden.


(From the diaries of Orsonius):  “There are those who have the power to write invisible words on the sky where are then read by others at a later time.  Many have thought this a myth, but I have seen it with my own eyes.

“The miniturist Parad Dimuno, famed for his ability to write the most miniscule of inscriptions said that the secret to sky writing was to make the letters of an extreme smallness.  Dimuno recorded his whole autobiography on the sky with his finger, and as is well known, centuries later I read it there and transcribed it in a book.   The purpose of Dimuno’s using this method was so that the story of his life might not be lost, as might happen were it recorded in a manuscript.  You may read his history in my recording of it, but even if that were to pass away, those that can see can look up and find it there.”

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