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d251 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 11. A woman perceives her seemingly mundane world as beautiful and mysterious. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

(Degree Angel: CHAVAKIAH (cha-VA-kee-Yah) Sexual Energy, Reconciliation)


Beauty is a state of mind that is ever present and waiting to be entered. This degree knows instinctively that beauty is within the self and if allowed to shine forth will transform everything it touches. Rather than needing to strive to capture beauty, this degree knows that beauty is to be found by allowing the self to be captured by it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A string of pearls.” You naturally realize that all wisdom is the connected, that it is inherently all the same. Everything is permeated with wisdom. The big question, then, is how deeply do you go into it? For wisdom has different levels, and takes on different colors in different contexts. If you do the same thing over and over, such as read the same book, you gain nothing new from it unless you allow yourself to go deeper, and deeper is exactly where you need to keep going, so that you move from the surface reflection of the pearls into their center.

Pleiadian Symbol: In an old abandoned house a man finds a candle burning.

Azoth Symbol: Wrestlers inventing new ways to entertain spectators.

Seed degree: 9 Leo. A gigantic sleeping Buddha carved of stone. (Omega Symbol). Attuning to deep passivity we find that recognition of the ever-present silence washes clean our perceptions of the world.

A solid gold egg. (Chandra Symbol). From the pure and potent source of all wealth emanate the ten thousand truths.

Fulfillment degree: 21 Aquarius. A numerologist at work on a tropical island. (Omega Symbol). Finding beauty and wonder everywhere we play in the realms of abstract and manifest reality.

A beautiful woman dressed in white. She is wearing a large silver crescent on her head. The crescent is turned upward. (Chandra Symbol). Experiencing the same truth reflected in everything evokes in us forgiving, receptive spirit.


Philosophers know that all hells are learning centers, where those with attachment pertinent to a specific hell go to study.

The sage Philorara has specialized in what she calls the Hell of the Ordinary, where souls collect who fear change and anything which might disrupt in any way their conception of reality.  Here souls may spend many centuries in ever-increasing boredom, depending on how deeply they are fixated on the craving for normalcy.

Philorara has visited this hell many times, appearing to its residents as an angel who, depending on an individual’s openness and ability to learn, can grant to a greater or lesser degree to  sufferers the power of finding their way out of what she refers to as “The Labyrinth of the Expected.”

Philorara has stated that nothing is average, or usual, or normal, and that beliefs in these Chimeras is one of the most compelling illusions to which the soul may fall  prey.

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