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d253 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 13. Sitting for her portrait, Mona Lisa feels as if millions of people are watching her. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel:  ANIEL (AH-nee-EL) The Big Picture, Breaking the Circle)


This degree senses the numberless hidden connections between itself and the world around it, as well as the worlds of the past and future. All currents we carry are automatically sent out and received by a countless number of different consciousnesses. And so one of the greatest magical acts we can perform is to shine the radiance of a smile through all time and space to our countless fellow travelers.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “An embalmer at work on a mummy.” Just as Leonardo DaVinci preserved the face of the Mona Lisa for all time, the embalmer does the same with the corpse on which he works. These are ways of holding on to the past by recording it, or meticulously preserving it. Death creates the illusion of complete isolation, and yet in the Omega Symbol of this degree Mona Lisa feels a connection with millions of people.

This degree signifies the deep connectedness that is always there between each and every one of us, and always waiting to be seen and experienced beneath the illusion of separateness.

Pleiadian Symbol: A past life appears suddenly with crystal clarity.

Azoth Symbol: Looking up, a woman sees a butterfly alighting on the outside of a glass dome.

Seed degree: 3 Virgo. A little girl hugs a giant quartz crystal larger than she. (Omega Symbol). When you innocently embrace clarity you automatically enter into an exapansive network of communication.

A woman doing delicate embroidery. (Chandra Symbol). The ability to carefully and consciously create any sort of constructs helps us in preserving whatever has come to carry great and importance and meaning for us.

Fulfillment degree: 22 Aries. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. (Omega Symbol). When we come to realize the vastness of our connections with other people through tremendous spans of time bridging other lifetimes, we see that all of our fears have the fear of alienation as their basis, and find ways to clear that fear so that we may experience the fulness of our relationship to the universe.

Puppets coming alive at night. (Chandra Symbol). When what appears to be dead is prepared for a new life, the new life finds it.


As she sat for her portrait she could feel him painting the landscape behind her, feel it gradually taking shape, the blue fogs and winding road, the dark trees growing on jagged rocks.  He was putting her in her place, somewhere she could feel herself being for centuries, that seemed not to pass but to be all present at once, with their many eyes passing in front of her as she looked out at them, smiling.

The eyes that studied her face and the landscape behind her were numerous as stars on a clear night.  She felt their thoughts falling on her face like a faint, refreshing light.

Having seen her finished image she left the artist’s studio, and as she lived the rest of her life she often remembered herself sitting there, in the studio where the landscape had appeared behind her — a landscape she would never turn around to see, but which she could feel holding her, just the way eternity did.

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