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d250 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 10. A man being followed by a spaceship. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: LEHAHIAH (Lay-HA-hee-YAH) Forget Thyself, Obedience)


This degree is constantly being invited to embark on journeys and adventures. If it refuses these offers there will not go away but will continue to pursue the person wherever he goes. The way out of this stress is to give in to the adventure, for it is actually the heart that is calling, and the true self that wants to be found.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A star turning many different colors.” You tend to find one thing that you become fascinated by, and then as you behold it steadily you see many different nuances and facets within it – it becomes to you a symbol of the whole world. You feel that as you look at it it looks at you, that you are being pursued by it, just as the man of the Omega Symbol is being followed by the space ship. This fixity and obsessiveness is your natural way of being, and if you give yourself over to it and set the intention that you wish to learn anything and everything from this experience that will benefit you, it will give you more and more. The challenge here is to take it all in, gradually as it comes, over time, and to not be afraid to move in closer to this source of light, for it is the universe’s gift to you, as well as your gift to yourself.

Pleiadian Symbol: In a woman’s blond hair flowing in the wind a man sees all sorts of pictures.

Azoth Symbol: God worshiped in the form of a smooth, featureless stone.

Seed degree: Cancer 27. A book of strange and imaginary prophecies. (Omega Symbol). When we tune in to the tremendous possibilities that surround us, we draw to us those forces that can help us to actualize the ones we need most to bring into reality.

A woman giving birth to twins. (Chandra Symbol). When we open up to new possibilities of communication we see far more facets to everything we encounter.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 21. As a woman moves down a passageway, many hands reach out to touch her. (Omega Symbol). Making contact with new possibilities we find both energies that come at us for the purpose of holding us back and energies that seek to encourage our progress. Ultimately we find that both of these encourage our progress in the end.

A stately old house in a ruined condition. (Chandra Symbol). When we tune in to the eternal enchantment of cosmic beauty, we then question the need to always be trying to keep things the same, and to always be desperately fighting off the ravages of time.


Celestial geographer Tornaz Wayna is continually followed by one spaceship or another, and when this first began happening to him he felt much consternation, for he knew not why they pursued him or what they wanted.

After several weeks of this it happened that one of them appeared in his dreams and told him that it was going to set up a special receiving and sending cord along which he might communicate with these alien vessels.  When he woke he discovered he could hear in his thoughts their communiques and found that all of them simply were asking for directions.  (I failed to mention that Wayna is known for his far interior viewing, and through it has mapped continents and cities on many other planets and in great numbers of realities in universes other than this one).

Wayna, being of a nature eager to help now spends most of his time imparting information to these visitors, and has been given the title “Celestial Direction Consultant” by the queen of Peth.

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