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d25-leo 150 150 John Sandbach

* Leo-25


Degree Angel: VEHUIAH (vay-HOO-ee-YAH) Time Travel, Will and New Beginnings, Interacting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: A woman incessantly eating pills.


You seek fulfillment, and at best you have an acute instinct for being able to read exactly your ever-changing needs, as well as the needs of others, together with the wherewithal to satisfy them. At worst you continually feel that something is lacking, but can’t identify what it really is. This can cause you to keep trying different things in frustrating attempts to achieve satisfaction. At best you take in the essence of things in a concentrated, potent and nourishing form.


Pleiadian Symbol: The tinkling of camel bells as a caravan crosses the desert.


Joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances. The continual awareness of movement forward. Persistence that continues steadily even through the most bleak and unsupportive of circumstances.  You have the ability to encourage others in an almost hidden way that is so steady it’s wellnigh mesmerizing.


Chandra Symbol: A circle of neat houses, each one identical.


The extreme of conformity here produces an anonymity that becomes so intense it actually frees the self to be its own special and unique entity. The houses may be identical and neat, but each one who lives there is special and never exactly like another, and so the regimented setting actually highlights individuality. A highly mysterious and ironic degree.


Azoth Symbol: While people sleep a blizzard blankets the forest.


Patient acceptance of whatever occurs.  A peaceful acknowledging of times and circumstances that are not supportive to the taking of action, and the ability to use them to rejuvenate the self.  The ability to create an aura of profound coziness.


Seed Degree: Capricorn -23


While their bodies sleep, a group of people meet on the astral plane. (Omega Symbol). Sensing the spirit’s need to continually reach out to whatever will further its evolution, we continually try to take in whatever might nourish us and bring balance to our being.


An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam. (Chandra Symbol). Honoring, encouraging and supporting the creative ideal we come to realize that everything is ultimately the same, and that this is leading us toward union with the eternal.


Fulfillment Degree: Aries – 13


A breeze carries a soap bubble thousands of miles. (Omega Symbol). Always trying to compensate for what we feel is missing we come to the awareness that our power ultimately lies beyond the physical plane, and that we have nothing to fear from the world of phenomena.


The wind blows white sheets hung on a line to dry. (Chandra Symbol). Unifying with others and affirming our sameness becomes a way of overcoming the conflict of differences, and hence clearing, freeing and rejuvenating.


Omega Oracle


She used to read the labels on bottles, and would always be continually learning the uses and side effects of all the pills she took, but since there were so many to be always taking, she realized she had no time for such education and decided, by a leap of faith, on a strictly intuitive approach.


Eventually the pills began speaking to her, and telling her which of them wished to be gobbled, and how many as well. Luckily her pill chest turned into a cornucopia, where all sorts of supplements, sedatives, stimulants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, mood elevators, anti-depressants, suppressants, inhibitors, relaxants, barbituates and even all the latest and newest drugs miraculously appeared, so she didn’t have to waste precious time taking trips to pharmacies, forging prescriptions, or spending huge sums of money.


All in all she felt quite fine. Of course she did! For her pills loved her and were always there when she needed them.

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