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* Leo-24


Degree Angel: Mumiah (MOO-mee-YAH) Spiritual Cleansing, Endings and Rebirth, Interacting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A drowning man turns into a fish.


The most difficult of situations can elicit from you a surprising resourcefulness. You have a tremendous ability to mutate. If you give in to this it can be very exhilarating and ultimately fulfilling. If you struggle against it and rigidly try to hold on to what is no longer needed, suffering will inevitably be the result.


Pleiadian Symbol: An artist with wild hair in clothing covered with paint.


Focusing on creative tasks and the rejection of all trivialities and meaningless details when one is inventing.  Immersion in the work, whatever it is, and the power of encouraging others to really throw themselves into whatever they’re doing.


Chandra Symbol: Sunrise over Stonehenge.


The man of the Omega symbol, overcome by water, becomes what will thrive in water, just as the denizens of England, reacting to the cycles of time build Stonehenge, which is in harmony with those cycles. You project an aura of importance that is quiet and certain, a deep self-assurance that comes from being in tune with the whole of life. You are what you are in a simple way, though many, varied and complex and the roads you may travel. You are attuned to what endures, and as you become increasingly at one with this you contact your true self at deeper and deeper levels.


Azoth Symbol: A nurse carefully notes the exact birth time of a baby.


The noticing of details which are highly meaningful and which, when deled into and clearly seen can lead to the unfolding of great knowledge. This sort of knowledge can assist the drowning man of the Omega Symbol to move through his transformational survival.


Seed Degree: Capricorn -11


A gothic novel a dark, mysterious atmosphere. (Omega Symbol). Confronting our fears, we learn that the best way to come to terms with them is to use acceptance to harmonize with their energy rather than resist them.


A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady. (Chandra Symbol). Reaching across differences to share love and caring we reaffirm the vital wholeness of the universe.


Fulfillment Degree: Pisces – 12


A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret. (Omega symbol). When we give ourselves over to mutating as needed, we may need to conceal this from the world as a means of avoiding reactions which would only create misunderstanding.


A woman asleep in a ring of flames. (Chandra Symbol). Maintaining an identification with the highest and most exalted realities, we are accepting of our current imperfect state, resting assured in the knowledge that our complete fulfillment is inevitable.


Omega Oracle


It was a matter of needing to adapt quickly to a new home. He was surprised to learn that evolution could happen so fast, but then realized that actually he was not taking on a new form, but rather recapturing an old one so deeply buried in the remote past that it had been completely forgotten by his conscious mind. And the new old form seemed just as intent on recapturing him as he it.


The sea felt welcoming, and his new life, so much more horizontal than the vertical one he had left, was quite cozy, for the soft blue waters and the voices of whales gently echoing through him made him feel as if he were swimming through a vague, spacious dream nestled in the midst of an endless nap.

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