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Libra 14. A storm raging in Antarctica. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: DANIEL (DA-nee-EL) Enough is Never Enough, Eloquence)


You tap deeply into the stuck places of both yourself and other people. You can pinpoint what is wrong in an extremely acute way, and can see how dysfunctions grow and proliferate. At your best you are able to just let what you see play itself out, and without having to do much in an outer way knowing that your caring observation of all this is will actually bring healing energy to the situation.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A Chariot pulled by four elephants.”  The chariot moves slowly, but the elephants are patient and steady in their dedication to reaching their destination. The raging storms of the Omega Symbol are what fuels the burning urge to progress, no matter how difficult the journey. You persist, no matter what the cost.

The chariot of the Chandra Symbol may not be getting any place fast, but it most certainly is traveling forward. The best thing about going so slowly is that you are able to deeply assimilate the process of journeying and so maximize what you gain from it. Impatience will not make the chariot move faster, just as there is no way to turn back the storm raging in Antarctica. Why try? Just be with it all – there is a potent alchemy in doing just that.

Pleiadian Symbol: In bright sunlight an empty street and and a shadow disappearing around a corner. Sensing the hidden strangeness that we’re always on the verge of perceiving, and knowing that many other realms and possibilities exist beyond this one. The continual capturing of fleeting glances of mysteries lurking everywhere. It is the persistence of the four elephants of the Chandra Symbol that allows the shadow to be pursued and finally discovered.

Azoth Symbol: By sound an energy therapist mends a broken leg. The solving of problems by the use of subtle methods. Resolution of conflicts by infusing them with a potent harmony. The raw energy of the storm of the Omega Symbol is here harnessed, focused, and directed.

Seed degree: Virgo 13. A meteorite with the edges worn smooth. (Omega Symbol).
Having learned how to deal with the world in a soft, gentle manner, we are able to confront the most intense forces of nature without losing our balance.

A man with hair on his back. (Chandra Symbol). As we become more and more sensitized to our own power, we find we are able to move toward goals in a stable, patient, and grounded manner.

Fulfillment degree: Taurus 17. A book patiently waiting to spill forth its vast and profound knowledge. (Omega Symbol). Attuning to the depths of our inner powers we find ourselves in possession of a wealth of wisdom we may access.

A pomegranate broken open. (Chandra Symbol). Slow and steady progress leads to abundant fruition.


In the full moon the fierce wind is howling, raging, the snows gigantic tentacles lashing the landscape, gales pouring down the mountains, as waves of the sea crash onto cliffs of ice.

And peacefully angels walk through the garden’s raging perpetual winter, admiring the storm that is in full bloom, their hair and gowns gently flowing in their own mild breeze which follows them everywhere they go.

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