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d193 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 13. As he matures, a man’s paintings grow simpler and simpler. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: VEHUEL (Vay-hoo-EL) Happiness, Elevation, Grandeur)


You’re trying to communicate something very definite, though you may not know exactly what it is. Or, even if you do, it may not be capable of being summed up in a few words. If you keep trying to say what’s in your mind you will find over time that what you wish to say will come forth from you with increasing clarity. It’s a manner of enjoying the effort without trying too hard.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Men and women in white towels in a steam bath talking and sweating profusely.” The man of the Omega Symbol has cleared out everything superficial in his paintings, just as the people of the Chandra Symbol are clearing their bodies of impurities and their minds of whatever is burdening them. This degree has a beautiful way of being at once diplomatic – a Libra quality – while yet direct, clear, open, and fresh. It imbues the Libran charm with the freshness and vitality of Aries. We might call this degree “healing through sharing.”

Pleiadian Symbol: Children watching sylphs floating through the air. Embracing our innocence our minds are captivated by the weightless beauty of all thoughts and the marvelous dances they perform in spacious air of our psyche.

Azoth Symbol: On a winter day a maid has arisen to prepare a house for others’ awakening.  A humble and sweet caring for others and a desire to soften and smooth their process of growth. A joy in putting oneself in a secondary role to others because you know that you are as important as every wildflower and every king. The patient work of setting the stage for beautiful and harmonious events to unfold.

Seed degree: Virgo 1. Late at night, someone comes home and slowly ascends the stairs. (Omega Symbol). Becoming clearer and clearer in our expression impels us to turn within so as to experience more deeply the energies at work in our consciousness.

A volcano erupting at night. (Chandra Symbol). As we release what it is inside us and find encouragement in the outside world for doing this, we finally a reach a point of deep, spontaneous clearing.

Fulfillment degree: Aries 17. A man is riding a horse north as he searches for the Kingdom of the Fairies. (Omega Symbol). Clearing away all that is extraneous, we come, eventually, to the realm of magic.

A bodiless head asleep on the breach. (Chandra Symbol). Sharing in a cathartic way with others carries us, eventually, into a deep, comtemplative state.


A castle by a lake and the dark shadows of each leaf shifting under summer clouds. This is not simple, said the people, these paintings are complicated. Who is in the castle? And who is that man asleep by the lake? Look more closely, said the painter, and you will see through the castle walls, into the very denizens that live there, and you will dream the dreams of the man asleep by the lake if you will only look more closely. Gaze into my simplicity.


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