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Libra 15. Young girls harvesting the choicest leaves of green tea. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

(Degree Angel: HAHASIAH (he-HA-see-Yah) No Guilt, Universal Medicine)


You know how to take the time and careful, personal, artful effort to bring out the very best in a situation, and thereby to create maximum enjoyment of it by both yourself and other people. This helps others to feel all of life more vividly and fully, and to slow down and see with far greater clarity what is truly most important to them. A beautiful skill executed wonderfully.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “ Prehistoric paintings on the walls of a vast chamber of a cave.” The cave has preserved the paintings by protecting them from wind, rain, ice, snow and erosion. Deep within you are these beautiful pictures that have been there from time immemorial. It is wonderful they have been protected and are preserved. But it is also wonderful to share them with others. The challenge here is to invite others into your world so that you may share yourself with them in a deep way. You are seeking a vivid, transcendent way of relating, a way that overcomes all limits and which touches others deeply. It is only difficult to do this if you allow self-doubt to stand in the way. If you are willing to let go of uncertainty and immerse yourself totally in being who you are, magical connections with others will spontaneously arise.

Pleiadian Symbol: A spiral path that never seems to come to an end. Returning again and again to something and always finding deeper layers to it, as one comes to increasingly understand its cosmic implications. Ideas viewed in ever-expanding contexts, just as the contemplation of the prehistoric paintings of the Chandra Symbol take us ever deeper into the essence of meaning.

Azoth Symbol: A theoretical mathematician inventing formulae simply for the sake of their beauty. The most refined aesthetic sense imaginable. A love of all that is cosmic and subtle. Creativity freed from practical need.

Seed degree: Virgo 25. A man crawling on his hands and knees through dust keeps finding jewels and other valuable items. (Omega symbol). Looking deeply into life we find those things of great value that help us to bring loving care into all that we do.

A gold ring in the form of a snake swallowing its own tail. (Chandra Symbol). Realizing the repetitive nature of all cycles we come to see the deeper meaning and purpose of that which we continually repeat.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 17.Deep in a cave a large albino snake. (Omega Symbol).
Giving loving and careful attention to all that we do creates in us an attunement to a pure source of deep inner wisdom.

A magic coin that has only one side. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving the ancient imprints that exist in the deepest layers of our unconscious, we are able to see more clearly the one-sidedness of our thinking and how all thoughts are illusions.


They call the tea “ancient emerald lily.” The tea bushes are wild, and so old the girls that harvest them must stand on little ladders to pick the smallest leaves that appear in spring at the tips of the branches.

On a dark winter day we discovered a tin of it on a shelf and brewed it, and a mist rose out of the pot which was scented pale green like the spring mists of an old Chinese forest.

“I have heard,” said Irnad, that long ago, when these wild tea bushes were in their infancy alchemists buried an emerald at the base of each bush, which has imparted to their leaves, over time a a flavor that enthralls the tongue, but which it can find no words to describe.  I have been curious to know if that were true, but would never dig to find out, as my love for the tea overpowers my inquisitiveness.”

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