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Libra 9. A healer who knows the secret of working with people’s breath. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Responsible

(Degree Angel: SEHALIAH (say-HA-lee-YAH) The Power of Prosperity, Motivation and Willfulness)


You are aware of the way sadness and addictive attachment to the past robs us of our vividly relating to the present. You are always willing to begin again, to start over, to recapture the magic of the moment. And not just for yourself – you have the capacity to communicate this movement toward joyous and refreshing release from the past to those around you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A cook fixing vegetable soup from a myriad of ingredients.” The healer of the Omega symbol works with the breath, which is one thing that affects everything. The cook makes a multi-ingredient soup, which is one thing containing many things. So many things play into relating. This degree knows that in any relationship certain ingredients must dominate. If the pepper dominates, many people will not like the soup. If the flavors are balanced, the soup is wonderful – and many enjoy it.

This degree likes to use many different topics and types of energy for the purpose of relating, and experiments with trying to find the right mix that is the most flavorful. The free coming and going of energies in this process is much like breathing, which takes in and distributes energy, and, if one is sensitive to the restrictions and limitations of the process and flows with wherever the energy seems to want to go, can be wonderfully rejuvenating.

Pleiadian Symbol: In the middle of the night three portraits converse with each other in whispers. The realization that the personality has many layers and that as the various aspects of the self become more aware of each other there is a growing trend toward a richness and completeness of being. We are all the “soup” of the Chandra Symbol – we are blended from many ingredients, and as our parts mingle we grow tastier and tastier.

Azoth Symbol: A carved marble ear has washed up on the beach. The ear has memories of the sea’s deep waters. Hearing feelings in a profound way. The waves of the sea breathe, which echoes the Omega Symbol. Tremendous and vivid intuitive perceptiveness is the ongoing result of the ears silent attention.

Seed degree: Cancer 13. Wind blowing through an old Pan’s pipe. (Omega Symbol).
Tuning in to the seemingly random energy flows of nature, we see that they are actually a part of us, and that simple awareness of them can magnify their harmonizing potentials.

Many voices singing different songs at the same time. (Chandra Symbol).
The myriad songs of nature, heard, can be selected from to create a mixture a nourishing food for the self.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 16. A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves. (Omega Symbol). Becoming attuned to our own flow brings new life to the magic of our being.

A man shearing sheep. (Chandra Symbol). The meeting of inner needs provides us with a basis for being able to meet outer needs.


From the Ars Magica of Elucidus:) . . . Breath is wind. It is the soul’s creation of vacuums which stirs the air, creating breath. And that which we call wind, or living air, though unseen, becomes a vehicle of existence for much else that is seen, such as mists, smokes, fogs, and the circulations of blood, which lose all movement when deprived of breath.

The greatest secret of breath is that it has a life of its own, being a faithful friend to the one who breathes, capable of performing any feat of healing and possessing powers much greater than commonly known. For breath may be sent on far journeys both inside and outside the self, to accomplish the miraculous.

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