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Libra 8. A rare type of honey imbued with magical healing powers. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: YELAHIAH (yay-LAH-hee-YAH) Sweetening Judgment, Karmic Warrior)


Rather than seeing anything as just one thing, you are aware that in all things are many different subtle elements, in short that everything is connected to everything. And so that which we want we already have – maybe not in the exact form we want, but at least in its essence. We actually lack nothing – its all there, everything, both inside and outside us. Your emanation of this truth can subtly imbue others with an aura of peace.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A vast junkyard.” When what is ugly and/or useless is discarded then one can see what is beautiful and meaningful. This degree is all about seeing what trash is, and why it is trash, as a basis of perceiving the eternal, the enduring – the Gold of the Alchemists. It is so wonderful to collect all the trash together and put it in one place, out of the way. It’s what keeps things beautiful. This is a Cancerian degree of Libra – it nurtures (Cancer) relationships (Libra) by continually removing the detritus from them so that they can be clear, and so that their best qualities can be appreciated. This is the true sweetness of the honey of the Omega Symbol, which can magically heal.

Pleiadian Symbol: Secretly a torch burns for thousands of years in the ruins of an ancient city. An absolutely enduring will to keep alive some idea, or tradition or vision of the imagination. Others may find this a worthless endeavor, hence the waste of the junkyard of the Chandra Symbol. Values here are extremely personal and are completely impervious to the values of others.

Azoth Symbol: An archangel coordinating the efforts of his angelic band. The process of healing experienced as multi-layered and having many facets, as well as the inspiration to bring them into dnamic harmony with each other. This is the means of redeeming and recycling the “junk” of old karmas found in the Chandra Symbol, and requires the steady fire of persistence found in the Pleiadian Symbol.

Seed Degree: Cancer 1. A potter at work. (Omega Symbol).
To contain energy so that it may be positively used, rather than allowing it to merely dissipate helps us to relate to others in a nurturing manner.

Rainbows slowly moving across a white wall. (Chandra Symbol).
To come in contact with pure beauty helps us to clear the junk from our lives, both within ourselves and in our world, so that we are no longer oppressed by what is useless and/or meaningless.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 16. A scientist using gravity waves to communicate with other universes. (Omega Symbol). Deeply reconnecting ourselves with the sweetness and healing power of nature grounds us in such a way that we are able to greatly expand our awareness.

Charon ferries the dead across the river Styx. (Chandra Symbol). Letting go of all we don’t need, we are ready, then, for momentous transitions.


(From the Ars Magica of Elucidus:) . . . There is a certain kind of flower whose scent causes a temporary loss of memory, so that one can never find them again, unless one has the great fortune of coming upon them by chance, which will always be in the far wilds, in places remote from human habitation. It is the pollen of these nameless flowers which yields a most potent honey, possessing vast powers of healing. For all wounds are a type of memory.

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