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Libra 10. A ginseng root in the shape of a human being. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired


(Degree Angel: ARIEL (AH-ree-EL) Absolute Certainty, Perceiver and Revealer)




Rather than compartmentalizing life, you are aware of its wholeness, and of how anything and everything we encounter can heal us, if we will let it. You never relate to others in a mechanical or taken-for-granted way. You see each moment of relating to life as an experiment which can be an opening to release and liberation.


The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A hand with perfectly manicured long nails.” The ginseng root is said to be able to help the whole body, because the root is shaped like a whole body. The hand like the body, has five appendages and has on it reflex points that can help the whole body. At best we find with this degree refinement and balance – an ability to relate in a delicate and careful way. There’s strong desire here to do what is appropriate. If this is used to serve a spiritual purpose this degree can be adept at communicating an idea in such a smooth way that it is easily taken in by the other person.


Always remember that the hand is the organ of giving. If this degree allows all of its actions to grow out of the spirit of giving, it will create much good karma and find the fulfillment it seeks. If, on the other hand, the focus is on looking good and hence conforming too much to the expectations of others, it will find itself burdened with a constant undercurrent of frustration.


Pleiadian Symbol: Torrential rapids descending into an utterly still and crystal-clear lake. The free and open expression of emotion leads always to a release of pent-up energy and a union with the eternal silence.


Azoth Symbol: A tree suggests to a man that he use one of its branches for a walking stick. A giving up of one part so that another part can move forward. A knowledge of life’s give and take as a means of support and of manifesting the generosity of love. This results in the rooted wholeness with all of life expressed in the Omega Symbol.


Seed degree: Cancer 25. An invisible man yearning to feel the sun on his skin. (Omega Symbol). Being able to feel, intuitively, the purpose of life grounds us in wholeness.


A flock of penguins on an icy beach. (Chandra Symbol). Giving and receiving support in the midst of difficult circumstances extends our abilities in general to give and receive.


Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 16. An invisible skull reveals a living human brain, its surface flickering with rainbows. (Omega Symbol). Deep and complete grounding gives us an anchor that allows us to enter into higher realms in a sustained and balanced manner.


Dinosaur bones discovered while digging. (Chandra Symbol). We come to perceive that that which is seemingly refined and sophisticated has its roots in ancient and deeply primitive energies.




(From the Ars Magica of Elucidus) . . .Just as a ginseng root, humans grow in darkness, finding around themselves all the nutrients they need, though often unaware of the great extent of this truth. And like the root of ginseng they are held for a length of time in a certain place, made fast by the density around them, their souls yearning for greater freedom of movement, light, and the vastness of space, but compelled by their higher knowing to hold fast in darkness, growth always requiring a time of waiting.


And all the while in the unseen above them their leaves and flowers open to the sun, thriving and flourishing, this process being fed by that which happens to the root, in confinement, working deep in the soil.



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