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d178 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 28. A baby experiments with different sounds its mouth can make. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: LEHAHIAH (Lay-HA-hee-YAH) Forget Thyself, Obedience)


You innocently try out things and experiment with energy, and in doing so you can open up new paths of communicating. The most difficult thing is to keep doing this without judging it or allowing the reactions of other people to divert or stop you. Life is a piece of equipment – a very large, elaborate and mysterious one, and you’re determined to explore it.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Autumn leaves pressed in a book.” Here is a reminder that all things are going to die, and based on this a need to continually correct one’s course by ridding it of whatever doesn’t support personal evolution. Both this symbol and its accompanying Omega Symbol have about them a feeling of simplicity – a quality not usually associated with Virgo. It is here that Virgo turns its attention to the need to clear out what is unimportant and continually reform its existence so that it is more closely a clear expression of who one really is – just like the baby keep re-forming its mouth to see what sounds can be made.

Facts and information can actually build up as a kind of garbage which then requires Virgo’s purifying aspect.

Pleiadian Symbol: Moonlight reflecting off the shiny head of an old man.

Azoth Symbol: A city that can hide in and be called forth from a magical gem.

Seed degree: Aquarius 30. Because they’re sure a treasure is there, people dig on an island for many years. (Omega Symbol). Innocent curiosity, when allowed to express itself becomes a potent force of seeking that always tends to engage others in its process.

A large pool filled with white water lilies in bloom. (Chandra Symbol). The purity and beauty of our feelings can create an attachment to the past, but can also – if we allow ourselves to experience them deeply and totally, help us to appreciate all phases of life, including its decline and passing.

Fulfillment degree: Capricorn 15. An angelologist explains the sacred hierarchies. (Omega Symbol). Innocent experimentation with our own creativity helps us to perceive more and more clearly how the spiritual light is structured to uplift us in every way.

A woman wearing a necklace of skulls. (Chandra Symbol). The memories we have hidden away inside us eventually accumulate to the point that we become aware of the vast expanses of time through which we have lived and will live, which allows us to eventually let go of fear and attachment.


Some of the sounds were the blue of young skies, others the pink of dawn, or the yellow of baby chicks. In the morning of words the vowels glowed with pleasure and wonder, even the sad ones were clear as water trickling over glass. The consonants shyly apppeared, like flower buds. Noises, the prima materia of random sound in which swam the wiggling, squirming seeds of all stories, happy to be alive.

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