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d179 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 29. Pagans purifying themselves beneath a waterfall. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Responsible

(Degree Angel: CHAVAKIAH (cha-VA-kee-Yah) Sexual Energy, Reconciliation)


You know that the world is there for us to use for our own growth, and that if we do this in the right way it is harmless to the universe, and supports all of life. You have a great ability to make use of what is there in ways that can be joyous and simple. Your approach to existence is refreshing and generous, which can generate much magic power to nurture us all.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A witch preparing magic mushrooms.” Mushroom grow up very quickly, and rot very quickly as well. The witch is aware of this – aware that things must be used in their immediacy, that every moment is soon to die, but in its flowering has a potency and usefulness which can be employed. Trying to be perfect can be lethal in that it can inhibit one and thereby cause one to lose the myriads of opportunities that are continually passing.

This degree is about overcoming the minds tendency to want to dominate and instead attuning to and moving with energy directly.

Pleiadian Symbol: A long sought after formula is finally found in a rare old book.

Azoth Symbol: An explanation of a hidden reality.

Seed degree: Pisces 12. A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret. (Omega Symbol). After trying to maintain control over the self through repression, the ego gives up and immerses itself in the healing flow of nature.

A woman asleep in a ring of flames. (Chandra Symbol). Our life sleeps in the center of our being, waiting for our consciousness to move through the healing flames that will burn away the ego so that we may merge totally with our power. This then, becomes the basis of a full, creative employment of our inner wisdom.

Fulfillment degree: Aquarius 15. A geisha applying her makeup. (Omega Symbol). Clearing and cleansing our energy fields, we are ready to consciously take on the creative role we have chosen to play in life.

A jade burial suit. (Chandra Symbol). When we practically use our wisdom by tuning in to the spiritual needs of the moment we build up around ourselves a protective force field that assists us in keeping focused on our work.


They put aside their feathers by the pool, and entered naked the falling water. The goddess cooled them, her white hair falling from the high rocks, her splashing washing away the dark footprints of demons who had journeyed through their auras.

Her lover the light always came to play in her, and they, as they bathed washed themselves with his sparklings and shadows. Sighing, the rocks’ bellies rose and fell, yielding their hardness to her and growing soft beneath her touch.

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