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Virgo 27. A cup made from a skull. It is filled with dark wine. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: YEHUIAH (yay-Hoo-ee-YAH) Revealing the Dark Side, Subordination to Higher Order)


The mind can generate such debris in its continual playing around. You know that this debris can be like fertilizer. We can’t get away from it, for if we struggle against it we will only set up a conflict between ourselves and it. The best way to handle this is to allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling, and to the depth we’re feeling it. This will ultimately release and purify the mind.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “The magician disrobes. He has no sex organs.” The lack of sex organs here signifies the transcendence of duality and the overcoming of separateness. There is a tremendous ability here to see beyond the outer, to use the analytical power of Virgo to cut through surfaces and find the truth. The skull of the Omega Symbol signifies the past, and the wine within it is the wisdom and learning to be gained from completely assimilating what the past was trying to teach us.

At its highest this degree has the ability to take in the past so deeply that it can then overcome dualities and fully arrive, as if by a miracle, at the present, where, looking with an unclouded vision it sees things that may have gone long unrecognized.

Pleiadian Symbol: A famous geisha performing the tea ceremony.

Azoth Symbol: Transparent fish swimming in a sea of vivid blue.

Seed degree: Aquarius 18. A cloud in the middle of an empty sky has lost its way. (Omega Symbol). When we give up our need to cling to agendas and embrace the inevitability of death, we are able to contact our deepest passions.

An American Indian woman in a canoe. She is gathering wild rice. (Chandra Symbol). Taking from nature the nourishment it offers to us, in an attitude of grateful acceptance, provides a basis for letting go of the dualistic pulls of identity, so that we may simply be ourselves, and thereby discover our inherent magic.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 15. Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one. (Omega Symbol). When we allow ourselves to become immersed in our deepest passions, we lose the need to own anything, for we become one with all of nature.

A tidal wave approaching. (Chandra Symbol). It is duality itself that is the basis of all our attachments, and once it is let go of, vast and sweeping changes will inevitably occur.


(From Timar Razains, “Travels”): “In the abode of a hermit who shall remain nameless I drank, one night, a magic wine he had brewed. He served it to me in a cup which he said was made from the skull of the poet Milon, author of the famous epic poem “Paradise.” That night I had indescribable dreams which seemed as if they went on for many years, dreams so complicated and vast I am still remembering parts of them to this day. My host told me that the wine has the ability to leech from the skull poetic residues of such a subtly potent nature that new and vast memories are born in the mind of the drinker, and which continue to grow and expand endlessly through ones life, and even into future ones to be lived.”


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