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Planets activating the Chiron/Node midpoint (⚷ ☊)

Planets activating the Chiron/Node midpoint (⚷ ☊)

Planets activating the Chiron/Node midpoint (⚷ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: A compelling need to connect to positive energy and to spirit guides. An urgent need to clear past karmas and to resolve issues of the past so that one can more forward. A need to understand one’s attachments to the past and how those attachments are fear-based. Needing to seek out people who are willing to grow and evolve with oneself. A need to connect with people who will accept the love one has to give. Tension between oneself and others caused by others unwillingness to grow or change.

Often the source of this tension is hidden. Sometimes one has great problems with others that are hard to define. The only way to solve these problems is to trust in one’s instincts and to be receptive to answers coming from deep inside oneself or from spirit guides.

Process: The finding of ways to evolve, often ways one does not expect and which turn out to be short-cuts that speed the process of the growth of consciousness.

Sun: One’s life is given meaning and purpose by connecting spiritually with others. To be aware of and vitalized by one’s spiritual connections to the whole of reality.

Moon: An emotional need to overcome the past and to seek out those experiences which will enhance one’s evolution. To instinctively feel what areas and aspects of one’s past need healing.

Mercury: One is able to communicate ideas that come directly from spiritual sources. Through communicating one’s helps others to connect more to spiritual forces. Thinking and communicating that help to heal the past.

Venus: A love and appreciation of spiritual connectedness. One has an appreciation of where one has come from and where one is going and of how spiritual forces may be enlisted to enhance the process of evolution.

Mars: To build spiritual connections and to carry out actions in a spiritually connected way. The striving to connect with spiritual forces. Engaging in conflicts that have a spiritual healing effect on one and which advance one’s evolution.

Jupiter: One is able to connect with spiritual forces in a full and rich way, on many levels. An understanding of spiritual connections and an ability to enhance and further them.

Saturn: To feel cut off from one’s spiritual connections, or unable to make or find them. The frustration concerning this nags at one until the connections are formed. Difficulty in connecting with healing forces, and a need for patience, persistence and focus in doing so. Connecting to healing forces that operate gradually or slowly in one’s life.

Uranus: One experiences spiritual connections in many unexpected and/or surprising ways. A freedom and openness in the experiencing of spiritual connectedness and the ability to help others to find their own individual way of doing this and of coming to their own unique realization of their spiritual connectedness.

Neptune: One may have visions of how everything is spiritually connected. Subtle awareness of the way in which the force of evolution is working. The inability to let go of the past creates confusion and delusion in one’s life.

Pluto: An intense desire to let go of the past and to experience spiritual connectedness. The seeking of outer power to serve the ego because one is unable to let go of the past and take in those new experiences which would feed the soul.

Ascendant: Suffering due to one’s personality causing one to be cut off from spiritual forces, or joy due to one’s personality being open and unattached enough to allow one to experience spiritual connectedness.

Midheaven: One’s life purpose involves fostering spiritual connectedness between people. Healing one’s attachment to the past is a key to being able to fulfill one’s life purpose.

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