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Planets activating the Chiron/Ascendant midpoint (⚷ ASC)

Planets activating the Chiron/Ascendant midpoint (⚷ ASC)

Planets activating the Chiron/Ascendant midpoint (⚷ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The need to realize that one is able to connect with spirit guides, nature spirits and angels, and to be a freely mutating and transforming agent of healing. The compelling urge to allow one’s self-confidence to spontaneously arise from one’s spiritual self rather than be rooted in materialistic, passing or ephemeral things. The need to let go of the limiting projections and definitions that others impose on oneself.

Process: The ability to realize the power of the moment, to unite with it, and to channel spiritual energies into the now.

Sun: The realization of the importance of the need for healing one’s identity. Also, letting go of agendas so that the healing potential of the moment can be realized. The ego is healed by strengthening one’s identity with spiritual forces.

Moon: The emotional need to clear negative elements from one’s identity. The need to open oneself to those forces that can elevate, refine and spiritualize one’s identity.

Mercury: A way of communicating that carries a healing aura, no matter what is said. The ability to couch things in terms that will most foster spiritual openings.

Venus: One’s love relationships are harmed or blocked by negative elements in one’s identity, and, by the same token can be healed when one identifies more and more strongly with spiritual forces.

Mars: One’s ability to be effective in one’s actions is inhibited by the limtations one places on one’s identity and self-concept. Conversely one’s actions can become powerfully fruitful when one aligns one’s identity with spiritual forces.

Jupiter: Eagerness and enthusiasm to spiritualize one’s identity, and to encourage other to see themselves in more cosmic and eternal terms.

Saturn: To feel cut off from spiritual forces, and/or unable to identify with them. The need to overcome the fear of losing one’s identity, so that it may expand into alignment with spiritual realities.

Uranus: An experimental approach to allowing spiritual forces to work through one’s identity. This may manifest as role playing, acting, and the putting on and taking off of identities at will. A highly independent and even inspired way of expressing spiritual realities.

Neptune: As one’s intuition becomes more and more attuned to the spiritual realms one’s personality becomes cleared and healed, so that it is a transparent vehicle through which cosmic forces may work.

Pluto: The tendency to hold on obsessively hard to one’s identity, and yet to feel a deep need to let go of it’s limits so that spiritual realities can be experienced.

Node: One connects to others for the purpose of mutually cleansing and clearing and spiritualizing identities. Negatively one seeks out connections that continue to reinforce one’s identity limits, until such time as that becomes so frustrating and painful that it has to change.

Midheaven: One’s life purpose is to continue to let go of the limits of one’s identity until it is perfectly spiritualized. One may be unhappy and unfilled in one’s career until one is able to give up old and restrictive ways of seeing oneself.

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