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Planets activating the Chiron/Pluto midpoint (⚷ ♇)

Planets activating the Chiron/Pluto midpoint (⚷ ♇)

Planets activating the Chiron/Pluto midpoint (⚷ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: A strong compulsion to overcoming egotism and to see it for what it is – fear-based. Feeling strongly urged, even pushed, by forces beyond oneself to grow by transcending one’s limitations. The process of learning how to let through messages from beyond, as well as to accept them and act on them. Strong, persistent impulses that one must eventually follow.

Chiron/Pluto heals the striving to acquire power for selfish reasons, and helps one to use power to encourage, guide, and assist others in their spiritual growth.

Process: An intense desire to evolve creates situations that cause deep changes to occur. One feels the pressure of spiritual forces attempting to bring light and harmony to situations, and needs to not resist them.

Sun: One is highly aware of persistent healing forces which are always looking for a way to manifest. The pressure to let go of agendas and give in to the force of evolution. The relentless search for what is truly important.

Moon: To experience feelings of great intensity, which, if given into, can lead to profound healing.

Mercury: Mental obsessiveness which, if intently focused on can lead to communication breakthroughs and a profound connectedness to the Spiritual Light.

Venus: To be intensely and compulsively drawn to certain things which you need to embrace, for doing so will help you to connect to those energies which will optimize your evolution. Love expressed as a potent and transforming therapeutic force.

Mars: Action which has a deeply healing and transformative effect. Extremely intense impulses are felt, and need to be acted on, or else great stress might be the result. Spiritual forces are pushing hard at one to take the initiative to further evolution.

Jupiter: An enthusiasm so tremendous that it can create profound transformations. Being obsessively excessive eventually has the effect of spiritually transmuting one’s being.

Saturn: A fear of letting in messages from beyond, and of acting on them. A feeling that one is inadequate to do this, or does not know how to do it. But a sense that one MUST do it, and through patience and focus one WILL eventually do it.

Uranus: One is guided by spiritual forces that push one to break away from old forms, be experimental, and tune into one’s inner genius. Inspiration that has a profoundly transforming effect.

Neptune: One’s imaginings are so intense that they can transform one’s life. One’s imaginative life contains a cosmic power that can be profoundly healing. Extreme confusion, which, if accepted and transcended, can lead eventually to great intuitive clarity.

Node: To be drawn to connections with others with whom profound and intense healing may be experienced. To deeply and fully come to terms so completely with the past that one is freed to evolve.

Ascendant: A personality that emanates an extremely healing energy, which may be overt or covert. One is pushed in this lifetime to let go of the strongest and deepest attachments that have formed one’s identity.

Midheaven: An intense need to fulfill one’s life purpose and to be open to spiritual guidance, though one often finds that any pursuit of this may seem to get nowhere. The key here is to learn to harmonize one’s will with the will of the Spiritual Light and then to let everything flow.

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