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Planets activating the Chiron/Midheaven midpoint (⚷ MC)

Planets activating the Chiron/Midheaven midpoint (⚷ MC)

Planets activating the Chiron/Midheaven midpoint (⚷ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The need to be receptive to messages coming in from the universe. One’s career needs to involved giving unconditional love to others. Any career in which one is not contributing to positively changing the world will tend to bring one misery and frustration. The need to not be attached to ones reputation in the world, to not be concerned if it is negative, and to not be too intent on trying to keep it positive.

The need to recognize oneself as a spiritual authority, and to use that authority positively by helping others to grow in consciousness.

Process: The giving up of all defenses that prevent one’s connection to the spiritual realms. The giving and receiving of parenting that is deeply healing. The ability to allow oneself to be parented by spiritual forces.

Sun: One’s sense of self-importance is based on one’s career and place in the world. When this is expressed with selfishness and pettiness suffering is the result. When one sees one’s career ultimately as a healer and sharer of spiritual energies (no matter what the actual worldly career may be) one fulfills one’s purpose in life and is a bringer of light.

Moon: The emotional need to play a part in healing the world and fostering the entrance of spiritual energy into physical reality. The ability to make others feel that they are a necessary and important part in the world and that they have a limitless potential to change it.

Mercury: To communicate with a spiritual authority that can express much deep wisdom and sincerity. This serves to empower other people and to connect them more completely to spiritual forces.

Venus: In love relationships one helps the other person to attain to greater and truer self-respect. Love that channels spiritual forces.

Mars: Action that may carry much spiritual authority. The ability to act on the direction of spiritual messages.

Jupiter: The ability to expand and encourage everyone’s being connected to spiritual forces and to follow their true path in life.

Saturn: You feel that you can’t find your right and true place in the world. A need to let go of fears, limitations and biases that frustrate one’s connecting to spiritual realities.

Uranus: The ability to bring new awareness and perspectives to the world. Flashes of insight into the higher meaning of things. Original insights into how the world order needs to be changed and into the specific type of parenting each individual needs.

Neptune: Intuitive insights into the life purpose of both oneself and others. An idealism that looks to heal the negative parental and authoritarian images that have plagued the world.

Pluto: One feels a tremendous inner pressure to find and fulfill one’s life purpose, but will not be able to alleviate this pressure until one allows oneself to become completely receptive to spiritual energies.

Node: Through one’s connections with others one discovers at deeper and deeper levels what one’s life purpose is. Negatively one seeks out connections with others who reinforce one’s negative image of parent and authority figures, which serves to disempower rather than empower one.

Ascendant: One may clearly receive spiritual messages when one believes one is capable of doing so, and when one let’s go of the negative and limiting aspects of their identity.

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