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Water: The Universal Healer

Water: The Universal Healer

Water: The Universal Healer 150 150 John Sandbach

Water. It moves, if flows, it warms, it cools. Water takes on the imprint of the energies around it. Through our intent we can both clear water of the vibrations already in it, and imbue it with whatever thoughtform we want.

Because of all the negativity on planet earth water has become polluted. Not just by chemicals and physical toxins, but by psychic toxins as well, our collective worries, fears, and stress. In Yehuda Berg’s book “The 72 Names of God” there is a name for purifying water. (To learn more of the 72 names see the brief summary in this blog under “The 72 Names of God”).

This name consists of three Hebrew letters: vav, mem, and bet. To use this name to purity water visualize the letters in that order — vav, mem, bet, and visualize them from right to left — this is the way Hebrew is read. See the letters as either black or white, or maybe gold, whatever your intuition tells you.

Visualize them within a container you’ve filled with water. Use your intent to see those letters glowing within the water and filling it with clarity, cleaning and clearing the water of all impurities, restoring it to its original pristine state. You can do this for a moment or two. or for a few minutes, or longer, whatever you want.

Once you have purified your water in this manner you can drink it — it will give you energy and help you in every way. You can also use it for cooking and cleaning. You can also spray it around your house to energize and bless. Use it anywhere and everywhere you would use any other water.

If you don’t know what these Hebrew letters look like you can go to http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Unit_One/Aleph-Bet/aleph-bet.html and see them. This website is a wonderful source of information, history and lore for the Hebrew alphabet.

And by the way, you can also visualize these three letters inside your own body to purify all the water that’s there. And while you’re at it, visualize the whole earth with vav-mem-bet glowing deep through all the oceans.

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