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The 72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God

The 72 Names of God 150 150 John Sandbach

“The 72 Names of God” is a book by Yehuda Berg. These names of God each have three letters and are derived from three consecutive verses found in Exodus.

The names can be used for healing and blessing and are very powerful. Rather than being spoken, the names are to be visualized. When I visualize one of them I like to see it emanating light in all directions. Of course the more feeling and intensity you put in to the visualization the more effective it will be.

There is one of these names that most strongly corresponds to your own energy. To find out which one it is call 1-800-kabbalah and they’ll be happy to tell you once they have your birthday. To learn more about the 72 names, go to 72.com. At this website, if you click on “free tools” you will be shown a Name of God and a meditation pertaining to it.

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