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Uranus in 1st house

Uranus in 1st house

Uranus in 1st house 150 150 John Sandbach

Uranus in 1st house resists all definitions, labels, and categories. Whatever role it plays it does so in its own unique way, bringing to all standard and accepted roles something new, different and unexpected.

The individual with Uranus in 1st house evokes strong reactions from those people who interact with them. People who are open-minded can very much enjoy how the Uranus in 1st house person encourages them to rethink how they see the world, but people who are conservative and intent on maintaining the status quo can find the Uranus in 1st house person upsetting, unpredictable, and disturbing.

One of the beauties of this Uranus position is the way a person with it can quickly throw off one role and adopt another. If one way of being starts to feel too limiting to them they will find another way. This independence of identity means that in all their relationships they need a lot of room to change, and to interact with people who will appreciate their upredictibility and innovative spirit.

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