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Gemini, Kabbalistically Speaking

Gemini, Kabbalistically Speaking

Gemini, Kabbalistically Speaking 150 150 John Sandbach

The purpose of Gemini in the cosmic scheme of things is to bring more clarity and aliveness to everything it touches. The problem is that its tendency to jump from thing to thing in a random way can create confusion that results in the exact opposite of clarity — confusion. What Gemini needs is a core purpose, a strong connection to its spiritual center, and when it has this and allows itself to be guided by it then the movement from idea to idea builds harmony as ideas meaningfully play off of each other, rather than being mere jumbles of thoughts.

A deep secret of Gemini is that it has the power to connect with traumas existing in past lives and by being in communication with these to release their energy. We are being constantly influenced by our own karma, most of which exists in our past lives, and Gemini, often without even consciously knowing it is doing so, can feel this and can intuitively go to those pockets of stuck energy and liberate them.

In its most pure form Gemini is about finding the messages that never got delivered and delivering them, so that the information trying to flow through the vastness of all our lifetimes is opened, liberated and freed.

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