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The Current New Moon Period (Feb 3 – Mar 3, 2011)

The Current New Moon Period (Feb 3 – Mar 3, 2011)

The Current New Moon Period (Feb 3 – Mar 3, 2011) 150 150 John Sandbach

We are now all under the influence of four planets in Aquarius. More than ever its time for people to come together and to connect. Alienation is out, and networking is in.

The last New Moon conjuncted Mars, and so this is a very busy period. Everyone is stimulated, and the challenge is to turn that stimulation into positive and constructive endeavors rather than allow it to become negatively destructive. The old values just aren’t working any more because more and more people are seeing through them.

This is a time for everyone to think about what they have and what they’re doing with it. We all have our own unique talents which we bring to the world, and the more of us that take the initiative to use those talents to improve the world the more our collective evolution will be facilitated.

Pluto is conjunct the ascendant during this time and so people are being forced to allow their identities to transform — to stop identifying with limitations and dysfunctions and identify more and more with spiritual realities. The only alternative to this is suffering, and I predict the suffering will get worse for each individual until he or she decides to be done with it. Its as simple as letting yourself go. And yes, I know what you’re thinking and I agree: its not that simple. But it can be and will be when we’re ready for it to be.

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